PM Imran Khan launches Naya Pakistan Sehat Card distribution for entire Punjab

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan Friday launched the distribution of Naya Pakistan Sehat Card for the entire population of Punjab at a ceremony held at the Governor House.

The universal health coverage program would enable each family to avail medical treatment up to Rs 1 million a year.

During his day-long visit to the provincial capital, the prime minister would also chair different meetings on administrative and political affairs, law and order as well as development projects.

While addressing the launching ceremony, PM Imran Khan said that not everyone can take such revolutionary decisions like health cards as the PTI did.

“Today, every family in Punjab will get the health card facility. A welfare state is one where everyone has the opportunity for development and prosperity. For the first time in the State of Madina, the state took responsibility for the weaker segments of the society,” he said.

The prime minister said that the model of the welfare state can be seen in today’s Europe but not when it comes to Muslim countries.

Taking a jibe at PML-N’s mantra of making Pakistan an Asian Tiger, the prime minister said, “Asian Tiger is nothing compared to the State of Madinah, we are trying to put Pakistan on a path of prosperity.”

He said that now the government will not spend money to build a hospital, people will come and build a hospital.

“We want everyone in remote areas to have access to health facilities and by March 2022, all families in Punjab will have received health cards.”