Despite India’s false propaganda against Sikhs’ indigenous Khalistan campaign, Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) has been running a massive Khalistan referendum campaign across UK in which large number of Sikhs have been participating in support for Khalistan.

In the next phase, voting for Khalistan Referendum will be held in Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara Sunderland, UK on 5th December, 2021 and 10th December in Geneva.

After 31st Oct voting, Indian authorities revealed that they have threatened British Sikh NRIs of strict actions such as cancellation of cards and visas to India, to keep them from taking part in SFJ’s Khalistan Referendum.

Khalistan referendum has sent a strong message to Indian establishment to end discrimination against Sikhs and prepare to give Sikhs their birth right of freedom.

Since voting will be held in phases globally, the result of Khalistan referendum will be declared by Punjab Referendum Commission after the final phase of voting and that will be held in next six months.

The findings of the referendum would be shared with UN, international bodies and wider consensus would be created.