Kashmiris were forced to abandon IIOJK by Indian Army

In the early 90s, Kashmiris were forced to abandon IIOJK due to the atrocities and inhumane behavior of the Indian army.

They crossed the border and took refuge in AJK. They were spending a happy life in AJK till 2005. India launched operation ‘Sadbhavana’ to lure in Freedom Fighters besides giving them amnesty for which freedom fighters refused.

However, some refugees living in AJK went back to IIOJK along with their Pakistani wives on their own to get the financial benefits announced in the scheme.

Meanwhile, contrary to the claims, India blacklisted all of them and none of the rehabilitation measures were implemented. Moreover, they are facing hardships in earning bread & butter for their families due to a lack of documentation.

The Indian government has neither granted them citizenship rights nor they are permitted to come back to Pakistan. On 21 November 2021, 95 females/ wives of these refugees protested in Srinagar held a press conference.


They urged the Indian government either to return them back to AJK or give them Indian nationality.

International Human Rights organizations and all other relevant institutions including media should raise their voice in favor of those stranded families and urge India either to grant them nationality on the basis of their wedlock to Indian nationals or should send them back to Pakistan, as per their will.