Ameer Abdul Qadir Awan met the President of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi in the President’s House.

The role of Ulema-e-Mashaykh is very important to lead the society on a positive path. And your efforts for this are commendable. Dr. Arif Mahmood Alvi President of Pakistan

We have been playing a role in uniting the society and eliminating sectarian differences. Amir Abdul Qadir Awan

Our mission is to give Such people to the society who bound by the Sunnah of good deeds in terms of deeds and character. To fulfill this mission, Hazrat Maulana Amir Mohammad Akram Awan (may Allah have mercy on him) introduced the Saqqara Education System. In which the students are studying the sciences of religion, when they step into practical life, they have a better character.

In addition, Al-Falah Foundation Pakistan conducts free medical camps every month in various backward areas of the country where specialist doctors examine thousands of deserving people free of cost and free medicines are also distributed.
Mr Awan said that our country is an agricultural country and if attention is paid to this sector, Double crops are harvested in a year, then inshaAllah it will be easy for the poor to survive. It needs to be valued and it is a platform from where you can give the message you want to the nation.
It may be recalled that Amir Abdul Qadeer Awan was accompanied by Sahibzada Shaheedullah Awan and Secretary Information Amjad Awan.