Visit of Friends|| Sarri || Haripur.

A gathering of Taxila’s political, social, and legal community in the village of Sarri on the outskirts of Haripur, entertaining guests with indigenous food.

Dassi chicken, mustard greens, lassi, butter, Afghani spinach, vegetable rice as well as seasonal Orange, red blood, and shakkri were served to the guests.

Member Punjab Assembly and Parliamentary Secretary. Malik TaimoorMasood Akbar, Leading Lawyer and Former President Bar Malik Sajjad Hussain Advocate, Syed Shahzada Imran Haider Naqvi, Advocate Mir Nasir Bilal, Member Cantt Board Malik Ehtesham Iqbal, Director Punjab Colleges Bawa Usman Gul, Leading Lawyer Asif Mukhtiar Butt, Syed Waqas Ali Naqvi Advocate, Bilal Ashraf Khan, Wasim Raza, Naveed Ashraf Khan, Malik Rafat Khan participated. On this occasion, political, social, and regional issues were discussed.

In the end, The historic period of the presidency of renowned lawyer Malik Sajjad Hussain Advocate, the wedding of Syed Waqas Ali Naqvi was celebrated.

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