Governance means to serve the Nation.

Columist: Tehrim Elahi

Governance is the term that  can be defined as a rules, regulations and policies which runs and manage  the state. Good governance  in which always works towards facilitating the people and step forward to the progress of the people. Unfortunately, this is not true in the present  as we can see from the history , Nowadays the government focusses on “facilitating its influential people to get votes for government. There is nothing to facilitate the poor people although all Parties claimed to serve with their best interest and getting votes.

It’s all about “getting the votes to establish the government and full fill their interest”.

The Voters always gives a vote in the hope of a better future. They look forward to the governess that will safeguard their basic right, provide the basic necessities of life but always disappointed, when they experience the reality. They realize that their votes has been trashed the Hopes.  The lifestyle of the majority of the people remains below average due to lack of support from the government. They are not even provided with the basic necessities of life. The significant inflation in the recent few years.

hence they are lefting into the depression and darkness which will  never end.

The tenure for the government in Pakistan is five years.They rule without making a significant impact on the Nation, Poverty graph still remain down.

In the meantime The People who have improved their lifestyle are those who put efforts himself to change. Without support of the Government.

Five years of the governance of any party always claimed the fantasy and which  never existed in reality.

As a columnist I am not pointing out any particular tenure  but I am trying to highlight the issues in governance and suggesting solutions to improve them.

The people of Pakistan are facing difficulties due to lack of lake of administration  in public sectors. The condition of major industries including agriculture is deteriorating day by day due to lack of proper governance and law and order situation. All the previous governments tried their best to improve the condition in every field but could not succeed in attaining the fruitful result due to the lack of proper mechanisms to run the departments.. There is an acute need for a proper administrative control mechanism to streamline the system.

First of all, we need to make the election process more transparent so that no one can come in power by unfair means and only the true representative of the masses forms the government because only those people will be more concerned towards the needs of the common person. After selection we can send our bureaucrats to academies for refresher courses where they can update their knowledge and get the required skills and training to improve their vision. We can also send them to different developed countries for training purposes. This is the first and far most important thing because these people are the true custodian of the general public interest and their selection and training is vital for the conduct of effective and efficient governance.

The second most important thing is the formulation of policies that are proper and realistic and that best suit the needs of the general public. These policies should be formed with consensus and must be implemented on just and fair ground as to get the desired results. After practical implementation of these policies if there is any evidence of loopholes, policies must be rechecked and reformulated accordingly. The next step is the formulation of policies of public sector organization, it is important to note here that the rule and regulation as well as the policies formulated for the general public organizations must be in line with the policies of the state. There should not be any conflict of interest at any level. The selection process at departmental level should also be made on purely merit basis. There should not be any references involved in the hiring process. In this way these departments will be strengthened. There is also a need for accountability at every level so that there would not be any opportunity for corruption and fraud.

In this way we can retain and utilize our human resources to their maximum capacity, because if the state fails to provide the due right of the general public, people will tend to move abroad in search of a better future, resulting in brain drain and acute shortage of resourceful people.

There is also a need to reform the vital departments, namely, health sector, education department, police and judiciary

System. The educational system should be reformed as to implement a uniform system across the country so that every student gets equal opportunities for good jobs.

The health department should be provided with the required resources so that the poor people can avail the basic medical facility free of cost. The judiciary and police department should be made independent of political influence so that they can exercise their power without any fear. In this way we can ensure a proper law and order situation in the country. The agriculture department is also ignored in the present time, there is a need for proper supervision of the farmers and subsidies should be provided to them to strengthen the financial condition of the farmer and ultimately the agriculture sector.

Last but not the least, there is a need for commitment from all Pakistanis to work with patience, diligence and honesty because the major changes required commitment from every level. In this way we can flourish our country and pave the way of success for the generations to come.

Artical For University Project.