Observed Strick Security Plan by Chakwhaal Police in Muharram.

Muharram observed across the country amid strict security, partial suspension of cellular services processions were taken out in different cities to mourn the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain , the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).
Strict security arrangements were made by Chakwhaal Police, with cellular services suspended in some areas as processions to commemorate Muharram were taken out in several cities.
Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar had ordered provincial ministers, advisers, and special assistants to monitor security arrangements during the holy month of Muharram ul Haram.
Effective security arrangements of Chakwhaal police on the occasion of Muharram ul Haram brought great success for the force as no untoward incident happened and strict patrolling as well as policing helped in ensuring peaceful organizing of various processions and religious gatherings in the city.
Chakwal police including personnel of other law enforcement agencies performed patrolling and security duties on the occasion of Muharram ul Haram and all processions were completely cordoned off through heavy deployment.
Flag marches were also conducted in various areas of the city to show off the preparedness of law enforcement agencies for security during Muharram ul Haram. The police officers also visited various police posts, checked security duties and briefed them as how to ensure effective security. They also lauded their professionalism and devotion to security to citizens. Effective coordination was maintained among all wings of the Chakwal Police.NNP