Peace Convoy of Rawalpindi police and eminent scholars and dignitaries of all sects reached  Taxila.


A convoy of Rawalpindi police and eminent scholars and dignitaries of all sects reached Taxila.

CPO Muhammad Ahsan Younis, SSP Operations Tariq Wilayat, Chief Traffic Officer Syed Ali Akbar, DSP Taxila Tahir Abbas Kazmi accompanied by scholars and dignitaries reached Central Jamia Masjid Lala Rukh Wah Cantt.

Among the scholars and dignitaries from Rawalpindi were Maulana Qazi Abdul Rashid, Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Tawhidi, Shaukat Jafari, Allama Zahid Kazmi, Syed Qasim Shah and Syed Rajab Shah.

At Jamia Masjid Lala Rukh, Maulana Muhammad Ishaq led by Pir Syed Ahmed Naqshbandi, members of Action Committee Syed Zahid Hussain, Asad Shah, Abdul Rahman Hussaini, Maulana Idrees, Malik Sajjad, Nisar Victor and Tariq Mehboob along with a large number of Ulema Welcome,

There is only one God, one Messenger and one book. Be united and live in peace and brotherhood, Maulana Muhammad Ishaq

The efforts of CPO Ahsan Younis are commendable, first they reached Murree and now Taxila with the peace caravan, full cooperation will be given for the establishment of law and order, Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Tawhidi

Condemns and discourages evil and hatred on social media and other forums and raises voice against it: Shaukat Jafri

The purpose of the caravan gathering for peace is love of homeland, they have gathered for stability and peace of homeland, Allama Zahid Kazmi

He always raised his voice for peace and will continue to play his role for peace and brotherhood in the future, said Pir Syed Ahmed Naqshbandi.

I pay tribute to all for coming together for peace and security, the caravan of peace will create an atmosphere of peace in the society, Qazi Abdul Rashid

Scholars of all sects are gathered in one place, this is tolerance and brotherhood, CPO Muhammad Ahsan Younis

I thank all the scholars and dignitaries, the purpose of the caravan of peace is to bring everyone together on the platform of tolerance and tolerance, CPO Muhammad Ahsan Younis

All resources are being utilized to ensure law and order during Muharram, CPO Muhammad Ahsan Younis

Spokesperson Rawalpindi Police