Front desks at Rawalpindi Police posts will resolve public complains.

First time in Punjab, Rawalpindi Police pioneers by providing front desk facilities in 25 police posts, a fully integrated and online system that will resolve the issues of delay in legal action, unfair or bad behavior and illegal detention, arrested accused would only be detained in the lockups at Police stations, says CPO Muhammad Ahsan Younas. According to the details, Inspector General of Police Punjab, Shoaib Dastgir recently inaugurated newly established front desks at 25 police posts in Rawalpindi, IG Punjab said that front desks at Police posts will resolve public complaints and will provide better service to the citizens. Police posts where front desks have been established, include police posts Hameeda, Shah Faisal, Gulraiz, Gulzar e Quaid, Scheme III, City Taxila, Taxila Cantt, Police posts No. 03 & 04, Girja, Adyala, Ranial, Chakbeli Khan, Chakri, Industrial Area Rawat, Dhoke Amb, Daultala, Sukho, Chowk Pindori, Krore, Lehtrar, Sunny Bank, Tarait and police post No. 04 Ratta Amral. All these police posts have been equipped with latest computers, printer, scanner and facility of UPS to ensure prompt service delivery to the citizens. CCTV cameras have also been installed at the police posts for 24/7 monitoring. These posts will be able to issue Etag on all the complaints received which will not only curtail the complaint of delay in legal process but will also enable senior officers to monitor any complaint and to take follow up.

Installation of CCTV cameras will check the complaints of bad or unfair behavior and illegal detention at Police posts. These CCTV cameras will also be monitored 24/7. City Police Officer Deputy Inspector General of Police, Muhammad Ahsan Younas said that establishment of front desks at Police posts equipped with latest equipment will bring change in the culture of police working at Police posts, it will make the system transparent and will also curtail complaints regarding delay in service, behavior of police officials as well as illegal detention. He said that directions have already been conveyed to the police stations that arrested persons would only be detained in the lockups of police stations. CPO added that the motive behind the initiative of providing front desk facilities at Police posts is an endeavor to address public complaints promptly, ensure better service delivery and to check the issues of delayed legal action, bad behavior and illegal detention.