Appeal of the elected representatives of CUI to the President, PM and Minister of Science and Technology.

The faculty and staff of Comcast University Islamabad (CUI) through the elected members of the legislative bodies of the university have expressed concern over the current problems in the administrative affairs of the university and the unnecessary delay in the appointment of permanent management.

In a recent letter, the elected members appealed to the President of Pakistan (Chancellor of CUI), the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Minister for Science and Technology (Pro-Chancellor of CUI) to address the concerns of one of Pakistan’s leading universities. Take a look at the situation.

The letter said the CUI was being run by an interim administration set up for more than three years, with the rector, all campus directors, registrars, controllers of examinations and deans holding their posts on a temporary basis. , Three top management positions of Pro Rector are still vacant. Following the enactment of the CUI Act 2018 on April 24, 2018, the Interim Administration, despite the direction of the Islamabad High Court, has deliberately delayed the completion of legal forums in the CUI and the establishment of a permanent administration. Despite the election of faculty members on January 27, 2020, the representation committee has not been notified to date. Furthermore, the notifications of the University Syndicate and the Academic Council contradict the University Act. The letter further said that despite the announcement of the appointment of a permanent rector on April 30, 2020 after the approval of the President of Pakistan, delaying tactics are being used. Appointments to other top management positions are still delayed, even though some of the advertisements published for these positions have expired. The prestigious university has been severely damaged as a result of bureaucratic hurdles and ulterior motives set up by the present interim administration.

The letter further highlights the troubling issues in the administrative affairs of the university, which would be an eye-opener not only for the performance of the present interim administration but also for any independent reviewer who analyzes the role of the Ministry of Science and Technology in this situation. Can be The letter also mentions the audit reports for the year 2017-18 and the report of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) on the University’s Tenor Track System (TTS). These reports reflect the serious financial mismanagement and administrative shortcomings found in the university. Financial mismanagement has led to delays in the payment of salaries in the month of May, as well as a 50 per cent cut. Are facing problems due to barriers to verification. The letter further claimed that the present interim administration had also made several appointments and transfers in violation of the decisions of the University Senate and the University Act, abusing its powers.

The elected members have appealed to the President, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Science and Technology to replace the long-appointed interim administration in the CUI with a permanent administration as soon as possible. For this, it is imperative to remove the impediment to the process of regular appointments and, in particular, to complete the process of the newly announced rector’s appointment without further delay. It was also requested to look into the corruption of the interim administration, including administrative errors, nepotism, nepotism, violation of CUI Senate decisions and delay in setting up legal forums, while conducting independent investigations. Relevant officials should also be held accountable through It is also important that a forensic audit of the CUI on financial mismanagement of the interim administration be initiated as soon as possible. Furthermore, timely payment of full salaries should be ensured and the responsible officials should be held accountable after investigating the reasons for delays and deductions in salaries.

Finally, the members requested that, until the arrival of the Permanent Rector, a CUI Senate Senate Oversight Committee be formed, comprising teachers’ representatives, to address the long-standing legitimate concerns of CUI employees. Remedied, caused by the incompetence and failure of the long-running interim administration.