Shahbaz Gul gave an irresponsible answer to the journalist’s question

The journalist asked Shahbaz Gill, special assistant to PM Imran Khan during a press briefing in Islamabad, a News One reporter asked if there was a campaign against him on social media.

Are you a citizen of any country other than Pakistan? And have you been charged with harassment?

News One reporter Kashif Rafique’s question

In response to these questions, Shahbaz Gill replied to the journalist, “Do you want to have a relationship?” What relationship have you brought to me?

Journalists protest at the end of the press briefing and asked why you said that but Shahbaz Gill said that he did not want to confuse you on this issue. The journalist said that we ask questions, it is our right to ask questions, but as Shahbaz Gill replied, he should apologize for it, on which fellow journalists also chanted slogans of shame.