Saddar Division Police Rawalpindi Performance Report of May 2020.


Saddar Division Police Performance Report for the month of May 2020 has been released. Saddar Division Police has arrested 346 accused including notorious criminals involved in effective crackdown against criminal elements in May, according to details. Orders have been issued for action against criminal elements.

Implementing this, Saddar Division Police under the supervision of SP Saddar Zia-ud-Din Ahmed in May 2020, while performing best against drug dealers and illegal arms holders, seized a large quantity of arms, ammunition and drugs and arrested several accused. In May, the Saddar’s Division Police registered 66 cases against those possessing illegal weapons and arrested 57 accused. They recovered 05 Kalashnikovs, 06 guns, 01 rifle, 47 pistols, 06 knives and a large quantity of ammunition from their possession.

During the operations against the sellers, 55 cases were registered and 49 accused were arrested. 26 kg 645 gm of hashish, 6 kg 400 gm of opium, 210 gm of heroin, 446 liters of liquor were recovered from the possession of the accused while 2 drunkards were also arrested. During the course of 10 cases, 57 accused were arrested and Rs. 3,049,440, 61 mobile phones, 08 chickens, 14 partridges, 04 Suzuki pickups, 06 motorcycles and other gambling equipment were recovered from the gamblers. 12 precedence 165 accused were arrested, 1885 kites and 46 strings were recovered from their possession, 30 cases of violation of government orders regarding coronavirus were registered and 38 accused were arrested, Saddar Division Police said.

During the arrest of 14 most wanted Category (A) and 117 Category (B) notorious criminals, SP Saddar Division Zia-ud-Din Ahmed said that further action would be taken against drug dealers and those possessing illegal weapons.

Provide information about criminal elements and drug dealers to the police so that they can effectively crack down on them and rid the society of the scourge of drugs and keep their young generation safe.