Crime meeting chaired by CPO Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi: Crime meeting chaired by CPO Rawalpindi, the participation of police officers from across the district, encouragement of police officers for good performance while severe reprimand for poor performance, uniformity of pending petitions and cases, provision of justice to citizens and taking steps to curb crime. Rawalpindi police’s performance in the fight against coronavirus is commendable, all precautions should be taken while on duty, implementation of all government orders regarding coronavirus should be ensured, according to CPO

A crime meeting was held under the chairmanship of Police Officer Muhammad Ahsan Younis in the conference hall CPO office. In the crime meeting, CPO Rawalpindi Muhammad Ahsan Younis, SSP Investigation Muhammad Faisal, SSP Operations Tariq Wilayat, Divisional SPs, SDPOs The meeting was attended by SHOs from all over the district. The meeting discussed issues related to crime control including challan ratio of cases, pending cases, pending applications, and provision of justice to the citizens. ل Yagia, SP Rawal Division Rai Mazhar Iqbal was awarded an honorary shield for best performance and supervision.

Imran Khan SDP Onyutown and Zulfiqar Ali SDP Ogujar Khan were awarded an honorary shield for high challan ratio in cases. Honorary Shield for Recovery of Stolen Vehicles and Better Challan Ratio, Inspector Mian Imran Abbas SH Ogujar Khan on Arrested Criminals, Inspector Javed Iqbal SH New Town While awarding honorary shields on recovery, while sternly reprimanding the police officers for pending cases, pending applications and poor performance, CPO Rawalpindi said that pending cases should be settled as soon as possible, ensuring justice to the citizens coming to the police station To be clear, CPO Rawalpindi warned the underperforming officers to improve their performance otherwise the group would join us in the upcoming crime meeting in the evening. On the excellent performance of Rawalpindi Police in the fight against the Corona Virus, CPO Ahsan Abbas said that the performance of Rawalpindi Police in the fight against Corona Virus is commendable. Keep in mind your caution while on duty. Ensure the implementation of government orders.