Teachers and students, gave CPO Faisal Rana the title “Protector of Children” ..

CPO Faisal Rana given the title “protector of Rawalpindi’s Children”, Private Schools adjudge Rawalpindi police’s performance for protection of children as ideal and imitable, the practical measures taken by CPO Faisal Rana for protection of children are unprecedented, Malik Naseem, President Private Schools Association addresses the ceremony.

According to the details, a ceremony was organized by private school’s association at Jinnah Stadium Islamabad. The City Police Officer, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Muhammad Faisal Rana was the Chief Guest on the occasion. The ceremony was attended by a large number of teachers and students. Malik Naseem, President Private Schools Association said that, the citizens of Rawalpindi became contented when CPO Faisal Rana announced that he will protect the children of Rawalpindi like his own children while on the other hand they were looking for the practical steps in this regard. Rawalpindi police working under the command of CPO Faisal Rana not only kept the words with practical measures but also arrested the cruel criminals who tortured the children due to which parents and teachers started praying for CPO Faisal Rana and Rawalpindi Police. CPO Faisal Rana not only took into custody those who sexually abused the children in Pakistan but also arrested the ringleader of International Dark Web who was deported from UK and Italy for molesting children and was involved in child molestation and pornography in Pakistan along with his accomplices. Malik Naseem, on behalf of private schools association, teachers and students, gave CPO Faisal Rana the title “Protector of Children” and demanded that the performance of Rawalpindi police for the protection of children must be determined “ideal and archetype” policing by the government as it is unprecedented. The teachers and students gave standing ovation to honor CPO Faisal Rana when Malik Naseem called him “The Protector of Children” and the venue resonated with applause for several minutes. CPO Faisal Rana while addressing the ceremony said that he loves every child of Rawalpindi like his own children.

CPO told that he gets emotional when receives information regarding sexual abuse of a child and neither he sleeps himself nor lets the police to sleep till the arrest of the culprit. The CPO said that those who sexually abuse children, make their nude pictures and videos and upload them on the internet are the beasts who do not deserve to be called humans. The CPO said the he always tries that police police provide solid and firm evidence in the Court against such brutal beasts so that they could be awarded exemplary conviction. CPO Faisal Rana’s address made the atmosphere emotional. CPO Faisal Rana was also presented awards and gifts on the occasion.