Rawalpindi police continues to trace heinous incidents.

Rawalpindi Police takes into custody the ringleader of gang that looted citizens after kidnapping, a case under sections of robbery and kidnapping was registered against the accused with police station Airport, several incidents of robbery and kidnapping expected to be traced through the arrested accused.

According to the details, Rawalpindi police continues to trace heinous incidents, SP Potohar Syed Ali, told the City Police Officer, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Muhammad Faisal Rana in a briefing that Airport police have taken into custody ringleader of a robber gang which used to rob the citizens after kidnapping.

A citizen, Ikram ul Haq went to Gulzar e Quaid to sale his car where two men and a woman confined him in a room on gunpoint, snatched cash and mobile from him and released him onthe condition that he will pay them 50 lac rupees within two days. Airport police registered a case under sections of kidnapping and robbery and arrested the main accused Gultasab who came out as the ringleader of “Tasbi dacoit gang”. Police teams are conducting raids in different areas for the arrest of remaining members of the gang. The SP told that, “Tasbi dacoit gang” committed several crimes of such nature in Rawalpindi and other cities and the record of these criminal acts is being obtained. The SP told that police have got the remand of the accused after presenting him in the local Court. CPO Faisal Rana commended SP Potohar Syed Ali over the arrest of the ringleader of a robber gang and said that such robber gangs commit dual crimes as they first kidnap the citizens and then rob them . The CPO directed to arrest the other members of the gang and to call the other victims of the gang to register cases on their complaints in case cases have not already been registered. The CPO said that such gangs cannot operate without facilitators therefore the facilitators of the gang must also be arrested.