CPO Rawalpindi continues to take action against the “Terror Gangs”

CPO Faisal Rana continues to take action against the “Terror Gangs”, police takes 17 members of different criminal gangs into custody, the accused are involved in street crime, extortion, land grabbing and drug peddling. According to the details, the City Police Officer, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Muhammad Faisal Rana kept taking follow up on operation against 08 terror gangs in Rawalpindi. Most of the members of gangs were arrested in the Potohar division on the previous day. SP Potohar Syed Ali, when called to the office, told CPO Faisal Rana in a briefing that, SHO Morgah Aizaz Azeem arrested Raja Faizan alias Raja Faizi, the ringleader of “Mafia Raaj” gang and his accomplice Chaudhary Umar, the arrest of the accused persons was a challenge for the police and the accused had adopted aerial firing in political gatherings as a profession.

The gang was involved in various incidents of aerial firing in the political gatherings in the twin cities, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The gang, by uploading pictures and videos of the aerial firing not only used to challenge the law but also spread terror in the society. The SP told that, the Airport police arrested Imran Saeed, Ishtiaq, Bashir Khan, Shafiq Khalid Javed, Tariq Mehmood, Kamran Khan and Jameel Khokhar of “Noor 7” gang. The gang was involved in street crime and land grabbing and was also active in publicizing its crimes on the social media. Naseerabad police arrested Faizan alias Faizi, Waheed Khan, Mujeeb Khan, Abdullah Khan and Habib ullah Khan alisa Polishi of “Mafia Raaj” gang who were involved in aerial firing in political gatherings and rallies on payment due to which people lost lives and got injured also. Cantt police arrested Naveed Shah of “786 Sarkar” gang who used to spread terror in the society through firing in marriage ceremonies and display of arms. Civil Lines police arrested Naik Muhammad of “222 Gang” involved in Qabza Mafia, drug peddling and running gambling dens. SP Potohar Syed Ali told that huge quantity of illicit arms has also been recovered from the arrested persons. CPO Faisal Rana while applauding SP Potohar and his team of Potohar division police for the arrest of the members of terror gangs, said that, he will give rewards to the police officers and officials for arresting such dangerous persons who used to do aerial firing in political gatherings on payment and then uploaded their acts on the social media. The CPO told that the citizens of Rawalpindi are satisfied on the arrest of these terror gangs to an extent that common citizens become emotional while talking with him on phone. The common citizens are of the view that these terror gangs had created unrest in the society by challenging the law. The CPO said that, we have to find and arrest the members of these gangs even if they are hiding in the depth of the plutonic. The CPO told that neither he will sit calmly nor will let any police official to remain in calm till the arrest of the last member of these gangs.