Order to proceed operation against gangs in Rawalpindi.

CPO Faisal Rana directs operation against gangs that spread terror in the society through criminal acts, teams constituted for the arrest of the gangs, divisional SPs assigned targets to arrest notorious gangs. According to the details, the City Police Officer, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Muhammad Faisal Rana, in order to cleanse Rawalpindi from the criminals, directed operation against gangs that spread terror in the society through criminal activities hence challenge the authority of law. The gangs are involved in sexual abuse of children and extortion of different kinds. CPO Faisal Rana directed the divisional SPs for the arrest of 333, KSF, 222 Tiger, TSF, Wali Khan 786, Boxer, 313 Mulla Tiger and Haq Sach 786 gangs. All these gangs have criminal record. 333 gang has 24 accused persons and the gang spreads terror among the masses through different criminal acts and also challenges the rule of law by uploading its pictures with arms on social media. 04 members of KSF gang are active in crimes, 07 members of 222 Tiger gang are record holders and notorious criminals, 17 members of TSF gang are involved in different crimes, 06 members of Wali Khan 786 gang operate the gang, 85 members of Boxer gang spread terror in the society with their criminal activities, 20 members of 313 Mulla Tiger gang operate the gang while 12 members of Haq Sach 786 gang are record holder criminals. Specific directions have been issued for the arrest of these gangs. SP Potohar Syed Ali told that, Wali Jan the ringleader of 333 gang had been arrested by the police, Jaffer Shah, the main member of 555 gang has been arrested who made nude video of a child and blackmailed him and the police also arrested Zafar Supari of 333 gang. CPO Faisal Rana constituted special teams for the arrest of the gangs. The CPO directed that he will sought daily update regarding arrest of these gangs from the divisional SPs and said that with the arrest of these gangs, criminals will be eradicated from Rawalpindi.