Dr Ernest Lall(late)

Dr Ernest Lall and his ophthalmologist wife from Nagpur, Dr. Pramila Lall worked at Christian Hospital, Taxila for over five decades extending low cost high quality medical care to millions of Pakistanis. They were instrumental in reviving it from the verge of closing down and transforming it into a large and stable general hospital. They both graduated from the Christian Medical College in Vellore, India in 1957. Ernest doing his residency in Surgery and Pramila in Ophthalmology. After getting married in March the same year, they moved to the tiny but historic city of Taxila, Pakistan where they joined a small Eye Hospital being run by missionaries from the Presbyterian Church of USA. Dr. Ernest Lall started his career as a surgeon and in 1965 was appointed the first Pakistani Medical Superintendent of the now world famous Christian Eye Hospital, Taxila. Over the years he has added a total of 76 buildings to the hospital Dr. Lall was the first Executive Secretary of the autonomous Presbyterian Church of Pakistan. He was instrumental in the creation of the Christian Hospital Association of Pakistan, the first cooperative body of Protestant and Catholic churches. He was a founder member of the Presbyterian Medical Board, founder member of Dar-ul-Hikmat, founder member of the Society for Cooperative Development and a Board Member of Gordon College Rawalpindi , Christian Hospital Quetta and Christian Hospital, Tank.