Malaysian first lady talks about holding ‘handsome’ PM Imran’s hand

Malaysian first lady Siti Hasmah Mohamad Ali, who came out as a fan of Prime Minister Imran Khan during his official visit, has surfaced in the news again.

In an official photo shoot, the first lady had asked the prime minister if she could hold his hand in a picture. PM Khan had amusingly replied: “Sure!” which drew laughter from the audience and a hearty chuckle from his Malaysian counterpart Mahathir Mohamad.

In a video of a Global Doctors Malaysia ceremony surfacing on social media, the first lady can be seen speaking of the meeting. She revealed that PM Mahathir had hired photographers for a picture session. Afterward, PM Imran was going to leave, so she asked him for his hand as they posed.

So, I took his hand because he’s another of our illustrious guests at our humble abode. What is so wrong in that? Why are people jealous? she berated.

Referring to her meeting with Putin, she shed off a controversy that she quipped that she had managed to hold hands with two “handsome men”.

She joked that her daughter-in-law had looked at online reports and mocked that she “was ashamed that I was flirting with these men”.

She then spoke about the time Putin visited them many years ago in their home, “which was the smallest, not like other palaces”, on his way to the airport after his official visit to Malaysia.

Putin was one of the illustrious leaders in the world who had come to our humble house,” she added.