The rulers talk a lot about bringing improvements to the country’s economy. JI chief

TAXILA: The nation had high hopes from the PTI, but the steps taken so far by the new government has only led to disappointment, said Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) chief Senator Sirajul Haq on Friday.

Talking to mediapersons at the residence of party leader Ghiasuddin Balban, he said the first 100 days of the new government were a failure.

The JI chief said the rulers talk a lot about bringing improvements to the country’s economy but do not take practical steps.

Asked if the PTI government will be able to complete its five-year tenure, Mr Haq said people are upset about massive price hikes and increase in the prices of utilities, especially gas, electricity and petrol within the first 100 days.

The senator said there had been no change in protocol rules despite tall claims made pre-election.

Condemning the terrorist attacks on the Chinese consulate in Karachi and in Orakzai, Mr Haq said the recent terror incidents were proof that security agencies had failed to plug the security loopholes.

He said the Karachi attack was aimed at putting a dent in Pak-China relations and that he believed foreign elements were involved in the incident.

He demanded across-the-board accountability for all who had looted national wealth.

Sirajul Haq said the 436 Pakistanis whose names were included in the Panama Papers should be investigated and any illegal money retrieved from them.

He said the accountability steps taken by the PTI were just an eye wash and that keeping someone behind bars for a few days was not accountability. Unless the stolen money is brought back, the accountability process will be incomplete, he said.