Group involved in Child smuggling with fake Passport Document.

A group register an application of lost passport in different PS ratta amral in Rawalpindi after renewal of Fake new Passport they smuggled children to Gulf countries.

Report:Muhammad Tahir.

Islamabad: foreign smuggling group involved in Child smuggling in Islamabad. After renewal of passport gang smuggle children from Pakistan to Gulf Country. In the limit of Ramna PS whereas the citizen Nisar has lodged a report to the police that his two daughters, 10 years old Rahima and, 4-year-old Fatima kidnapped by her wife Maryam Noor with her brother Ehtisham Noor and one known person , they abducted my two daughters . Original Passport is in my custody. Defender said they have sent my daughter to Gulf Country with fake passport.

According to the defendant, he applied to PS Ramna The case was registered , Asghar, the Investigation Officer of this case, said that no record in the PS rattan Amaral has been found on the front desk On which report new passport were issue .while Yasir Saad in-charge of Front Desk also confirmed and writes the report. While the raids are being hit for the arrest and unknown mills including both siblings have been done. FIA also working on it to recover the kidnapped Children