US Ambassador David Hale meets Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry

ISLAMABAD: American Ambassador David Hale met with Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) President Mr. Zubair Tufail and senior FPCCI leadership to discuss American-Pakistani commercial relations.

The United States is Pakistan’s largest single-country export market, with two-way trade in goods on pace to exceed 660 billion rupees in 2017, a record high for our bilateral trade.

The Ambassador reinforced the American Embassy’s commitment to strengthen bilateral trade and investment ties.  He welcomed FPCCI’s efforts to work with the Government of Pakistan to foster a business and investment climate conducive to trade and foreign investment.



Qadri threatens to start Tehreek-e-Qisas

LAHORE: Pakistan Awami Tehreek on Wednesday announced to kick off Tehreek-e-Qisas movement, in response to Tehreek-e-Aadal movement planned by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Nawaz Sharif.

PAT chief Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri said this while addressing a news conference along with former chief minister of Azad Kashmir, Sardar Attique Ahmed.

Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri said his party would start their movement on the same day Nawaz will announce the start of his movement.

During the news conference, the controversial cleric told PAT workers to be prepared for a possible Dharna.

He warned to stage a protest, demanding Sharif brothers and Rana Sanaullah to surrender by December 31.

Islamabad traffic police kicks off crackdown against offenders

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad traffic police has launched a crackdown against traffic offenders.

On directions of Interior minister Ahsan Iqbal, cops taken action against thousands of traffic offenders for violating traffic rules such as over-speeding, triple-riding, driving without seat-belt and helmet, using mobile-phone while driving, and wrong-side driving.

As many as 8215 motorcyclists offenders have issued challans for violating traffic rules and for not wearing helmets.

1600 people were fined who caught driving while using mobile phones followed by 1152 were issued challans for having fancy number plates.

2394 were issued challans for not using seatbelts while 90 VIPs were also fined for violations of traffic roles.


Long-standing issues of Kashmir, Palestine to be addressed by world community: Maleeha Lodhi

ISLAMABAD: At United Nations Security Council (UNSC) , Pakistan calls for addressing ‘horrific’ human rights abuses inflicted by occupation forces on Kashmiris and Palestinians

Pakistan spotlighted in the UN Security Council Wednesday the unresolved disputes of Kashmir and Palestine, saying they were compounding the challenges to an already dangerous world beset with wide-ranging new threats as older ones persist.

“The Palestinian and Kashmiri people continue to suffer horrific human rights violations at the hands of occupying forces, while the world continues to watch without addressing these egregious situations,” Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi told the 15-member Council.

Speaking in an open debate on tackling challenges to international peace and security, she deplored the fact that long-standing and internationally-recognized Kashmir and Palestine continue to fester, augmenting “challenges of a more turbulent and volatile world.”

The drivers of such challenges include unresolved long-standing disputes, foreign military interventions, political and economic injustice, terrorism and violent extremism, and displacement of populations due to persecution, poverty and conflict, the Pakistani envoy said. What was need was a shift from a culture of reaction to culture of prevention.

There was obviously no one-size-fits-all solution to conflict prevention, ambassador Lodhi said, adding moving a country towards durable peace began with a clear understanding of the sources and nature of conflicts.

Nothing that more blue helmets were currently deployed than at any time in history, she said that UN peacekeeping has always been a cost-effective tool for the maintenance of international peace and security. But peacekeeping needed to be strengthened through support for political solutions that would make peace durable and sustainable.

In this context, Ambassador Lodhi outlined a set of suggestions to address the complex contemporary challenges to peace and security. They include dealing with the root causes of conflict; shifting from emphasis on military action to negotiation; national ownership and leadership; better utilization of Chapter VI of the UN Charter – ‘negotiation, enquiry, mediation, conciliation, arbitration, judicial settlement, resort to regional agencies or arrangements, or other peaceful means’; and shaping the UN peacekeeping by the situation on ground, not by the often competing political interests.

“Proliferation of conflicts today is a clear sign of the need for urgent action,” the Pakistani envoy said. “Fundamental change in the way we deal with conflicts is required.”

Mobile data speed: Pakistan ranked top among most populous countries

ISLAMABAD: Good news for Pakistanis mobile users as the country witnessed the highest increase in mobile internet speed among the world’s most populous countries in 2017, according to a report by

In its Speedtest Global Index, the speed testing company noted that Pakistan, with a 56.2% jump in mobile download speed during the past 12 months, ranked first, followed by India in the category at 42.4% and Brazil at third spot with 27.6%.

At the other end of the spectrum in the category, Nigeria’s mobile download speed actually dropped 8.4% and Bangladesh’s dipped 7.4%. China showed only a modest 3.3% increase in mobile download speed in 2017.

With a 249.5% jump in mobile download speeds, Laos showed the largest improvement in the world, the report stated.

Vietnam came in second with an increase of 188.7% and Trinidad and Tobago was third at 133.1%.

In some countries, mobile internet speed dropped during the year instead of improving.

The devastation of Puerto Rico’s mobile infrastructure by Hurricane Maria contributed to the island’s 39.8% drop in mobile download speed during the past twelve months.

Uzbekistan saw a decline of 31.8% and Côte d’Ivoire 26.1%.

According to the November edition of the Speed test Global Index, Pakistan ranked 89th in terms of mobile speed during the month, coming ahead of India and Bangladesh in the category.

The Speed test Global Index compares internet speed data from around the world on a monthly/yearly basis. Data for the Index comes from hundreds of millions of tests taken by real people using Speed test every month. It is updated every month with individual country data and global averages.