Murder or suicide: mystery shrouds death of teenage girl

CHAKWAL: Mystery shrouded the death of a 17-year-old girl who was ‘found’ hanging with the ceiling fan at her home in the Dhoke Dabri village in the area of the Neelah police.

Sources told at Sunday that the family members of the deceased told the police that the girl had committed suicide on Friday evening.

“The family members were not ready for a postmortem. They exercised their utmost influence on the police to bury the body without any autopsy but the police did not accept their unjust demand,” said a police official on the request of anonymity.

The postmortem report obtained by Media stated that there was a “lacerated wound about 5x2cm (like slant mark) on left scapular area and a 1x1cm burn mark like of a cigarette on the left buttock.”

It adds that a half circled ligature mark of about 8cm was also found on front of the neck while the hyoid bone was fractured.

A senior doctor at the District Headquarters Hospital, who had seen the autopsy, expressed doubts on the death of the girl.

“Through the findings of the report I can say the girl was murdered,” the doctor added.

A senior official of the district health department confirmed that the deceased was subjected to external assault.

“The father of the deceased told us that he and his wife were not present at home and the girl was alone. When the mother returned she found the gate of the house locked.”

The official said when the mother got the gate opened she found her daughter hanging with the ceiling fan.

When contacted, SHO Neelah police station Faisal Manzoor said there was a marriage dispute as the deceased was not ready to marry the boy chosen by her parents.

“According to our preliminary investigations due to the girl’s refusal her father beat her in the morning and left for the police station to get his documents verified,” the SHO said.

When asked about the nature of the documents, the SHO said the father of the deceased was an employee of a security company and needed the verification of his documents by the police.

“He was on his way to the police station when he was informed by his wife about the death of the girl,” the SHO said.

“The actual cause of death would be established only when the chemical examination report is issued,” the SHO added.