Govt won’t import tomatoes from India, says minister

LAHORE: Federal Minister for Food Security Sikandar Hayat Bosan says tomato and onion crisis will be over within a few days after their crops ripen in Balochistan, making it clear that the government will not import vegetables from India.

The price of per kilo tomato has soared to Rs300 in parts of Lahore and elsewhere in Punjab.

Talking to reporters after attending a seminar at the Forman Christian College here on Monday, the minister said Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi had approved creation of the federal food security authority. He said packages were being given to small farmers to improve their financial condition, stressing that the use of biotechnology was necessary to improve the country’s economy.

To a question about the demand of early election by Imran Khan, Mr Bosan said general election would not be held before March (when the Senate election is due).

POLICY: The Forman Christian College and the Centre for Public Policy and Governance held a consultation dialogue to draft the social welfare policy.

The CPPG developed the draft policy at the behest of the social welfare and Baitul Maal departments. The policy is part of a larger project, titled ‘Social Welfare Department: The provincial face of regulation and interaction with the NGOs’ is being conducted by the CPPG with the support of the USAID Small Grants and Ambassador’s Fund Programme.