Asif asks parties to give united response to Trump allegations

SIALKOT: Federal Mini­ster for Foreign Affairs Khawaja Muhammad Asif says that the government wants all political parties to develop consensus for giving a strong message in response to the new United States policy on Afghani­stan and allegations against Pakistan.

Speaking to reporters here on Sunday, he said that Pakistan was alive to the situation in the region and understood the impact of the new US policy and President Donald Trump’s tirade against the country.

He said the government had summoned a special session of parliament on Tuesday and invited major political parties to participate in discussion on the issue of the US president’s statements against Pakistan.

He said the government was very clear on the issue and wanted to develop consensus among political entities to give a strong message to the world. The fact was that the nation was united and would respond to any challenge with dignity, honour and due measure of sobriety, he said.

The minister said the US had not wholeheartedly helped Pakistan. However, he added, Pakistan would continue to play the frontline role in the war against terrorism and the world would recognise its role and sacrifices rendered by its people for elimination of terrorism, militancy and extremism.

Instead of berating Pakis­tan, he said, the world should acknowledge its contributions in the war against terrorism.

He said the world should reject Indian propaganda against Pakistan.