Everything will be possible if you believe in yourself ‘ Eliane Brick American Journalist & Film Actor .

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By IJAZ HASHMI ~ ☆☆  All people are born q with talent and the most difficult thing is to prosper professionally and financially because most countries don’t have educational programs or investment in public schools to direct the children in their talents. Children grow up to enter the labor market and just  the minority can conquer good opportunities through their  own talents, and there are just few talented people who make enough money to maintain basic living standards, others can differentiate themselves by becoming celebrities  for an indefinite time or temporary celebrities who are unable to maintain their popularity because of failure of management, drugs, health problem or just changes in their way of life. For my own experience since childhood I always liked the stage or be the first in line to read poetry, honors, represent or direct theater. I escaped from many classes to do theater hidden from my parents and this caused academic problems leaving my grades below average and my parents were not happy with me but I was very happy. I didn’t have  guidance, educational support or financial aid to advance my talent. My talent became lost as most the people  and unfortunately I had to work  as most people but  in my free time I took classes and wrote articles until I became a broadcasting radio reporter with the National  Register  in Brazil  where I worked and suffered for many years but never give up my dream and hard work. Working as radio reporter in Brazil was a huge challenge because I was a woman, single, independent, stubborn and determined.  All this combined called attention to politicians, businessmen, policemen, and others. Well-married most of these professionals always invited me to be part of their social events and in Brazil we said : – They Kill 2 rabbits with one ax. First  because I had the power of the microphone, second  I was single, attractive and they thought I was available for them. But, I was trained by my parents for the school of life to be able to defend myself well from these vultures and move on with dignity. I always was a  dynamic radio broadcasting reporter, I had few radio shows  presenting a music program, and success gospel talk show, but  at the end of each  day my fame couldn’t pay my bills. Brazil is a country of soccer and samba music but if the woman is not married she’s consider woman of program that is in reality a camouflage of prostitutution only because she has an advanced degree. I had a really  hard time to be a single, independent   and a reporter the same time but I survived and I am here to speak out. Through all my  work and networking I met an American couple who invited me to visit the USA. After a few months I arrived in Miami then moved to Miami Beach. Six months later I returned to Brazil temporarily to finish my work at the radio, and say goodbye to family and friends because I decided to move to the USA and search for my dreams, work and human dignity and one day I could be here in this News Paper sharing with you not only my challenges but my achievements in American Television. I moved to the USA in the Boston Area.  I made friends very fast with the local Brazilian Press and I became a freelance correspondent, which I still do today, hosted my cable access TV Show for 12 years and I ended my work as a presenter to  became Non Union Actress.I started to attend Boston Movies Festivals, met people and started contacting agencies, until I was invited to record 2 radio commercials in Portuguese for the Brazilian Movie about PELE the soccer king of Brazil.  A month later I started my journey in American movies. In these years between Brazil/USA I met a lot of influential people who could have helped me move faster professionally and get a better quality of life. As I always look at the bright side of life and I totally understand their lack of support and lack of respect for  me my talent and my work. They  helped  to strengthen me and learn to never depend on people to advance but believe in myself with faith and watch one by one of  their empires falling apart.My first hollywood movie was The Equalizerwith Denzel Washington, I worked 14 hours on the set as a non-union actress/extra. We were treated like celebrities even had a truck with free ice cream for all of us and that was one of thing I liked the most. Also, Denzel Washington passed once next to me and asked me : How you doing ? I said great thanks and he was wearing a green shirt form the last scene of the movie where I appeared in the last 10 seconds.After The Equalizer I worked on the films :“Sex Tape” with Cameron Diaz, I did not appear in the scenes but it was fun filming. “Ted 2”, we filmed the same scene 2 days at the Boston Federal court Stairs. I had great visibility near the celebrities and Ted Bear. “Joy”, I worked at the Christmas party alongside all the celebrities. “Central Intelligence” was 2 days and 1 overnight filming. I got  the best visibility in this movie. I appear the last 10 minutes a few times.“Strong” which premier’s Sept/17, I worked one scene at Fenway Park. ”Daddy’s Home 2” premiered nov/17. I worked 3 days on several scenes at Logan Airport and I was photographed by one of the films directors alongside of Mel Gibson.An interesting fact that happens is that before the filming  Non Union actors are separated from Union Actors for breakfast, lunch or dinner, waiting area, but . . .when we are be selected by the production staff to go to the set of the film by the law they must have a number of union and non union actors. The interesting part is that movies directors always comment in public  interviews their looking for a good personality on set and sometimes a Union actor is terrible and the Non union is much better. I am not interested in becoming a Union actress is much better  to stay  independent without paying any fees. I am looking for  a agent to help me find national / international work  in TV Commercial, movies, series, speaker. Everything will be possible if you believe in yourself and accept the differences without letting the negativity of people influence your decisions, nothing falls from the sky it is only the rain and when the rain falls don’t be afraid to get wet.