Govt successfully maintained reduced sugar prices during Ramazan: minister claims

ISLAMABAD: The government has successfully maintained the reduced sugar prices during Ramazan for the first time contrary to the trend in previous years.

This was noted at a meeting of Inter-Ministerial Sugar Monitoring Committee in Islamabad on Tuesday with Commerce Minister Khurram Dastgir Khan in the chair.

The meeting was informed that in 2016, the sugar prices had reached Rs70 per kilogram during Ramazan but this year, the prices were stable at around Rs56 per kilogram.

The committee was briefed that the sugar price in the domestic market according to the Sensitive Price Index for the week ending 15th June, 2017 was 56.30 per kg which was 11.1% lower than the level of December 15, 2016 when the export of sugar was allowed by the ECC.