10 tweets that accurately sum up being a Pakistani cricket fan

Last night, Pakistan beat Sri Lanka by three wickets in a thrilling game to book their place in the Champions Trophy semi-finals.

However, it wasn’t smooth sailing throughout; like they say, it ain’t easy being green. For a minute there (or 20), all hope was lost. Naturally, Pakistanis took to Twitter to convey what it’s like supporting one of the flakiest teams around.

Of course there were Lagaan memes involved…

And a Lala collage obvs.

Some accused the team of toying with our hearts…

And some low blow comparisons were made.

We feel you, Ahmad Shahzad.

When you realize yelling at the television isn’t going to do anything and you bring out the big guns.

Wait, things are starting to look up. Must remind Indians…

But at the end of the day, our cricket team is like our child; only we can scream at it!

That being said, a few of us kept our chins up. We aspire to be as confident as this guy in a crowd full of Sri Lanka supporters. You go, Glen Coco!

And we did what we do best in the end; defied all odds!