Khyber Pakhtunkhawa govt ignores death threats to Aitzaz Hassan’s family

PESHAWAR: Aitzaz Hasan Bangash Shaheed‎ was a Pakistani school boy who gave his life while preventing a suicide bomber from entering his school of 2,000 students at Ibrahimzai village of Hangu, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on January 6, 2014. On his death he was given widespread national and international coverage and almost all politicians condemned the attack and went to meet the hero’s parents and big claims were made to protect his family, take care of them and some even went as far as saying they would give a national holiday in his memory.

However, while talking to Pakistan Today Aitzaz Hassan’s brother Mujtaba Hassan claimed that in a new series of threats he has received a threat letter from a banned terrorist organisation threatening him and his family of dire consequences if they didn’t stop portraying Aitazaz as a hero and if they did not stop contacting the authorities for help.

Mujtaba said, ”The last threat letter has put me and my family in mental agony as we feel vulnerable to any such attack, I mean who is going to stop them from killing us if they want to if we are not given any security. We cannot work due to the same security risks so we cannot afford personal security.”

In wake of this incident, Mujtaba has tried to seek help from different security officials and the top leadership of the province and at the national level. He wrote applications addressing The Interior Minister, KPK Chief Minister, Chief Secretary KPK, FC top officials, and IG KPK requesting for assistance.

However, the constant lack of response from the political and police leadership has saddened the family of the demised. Mujtaba with a lonely voice said ”it is so weird that a person who had given such a big sacrifice for the country can be so easily forgotten by the authorities. I held two barsi’s of Aitzaz but when no prominent politician or official came to it I didn’t carry it out the third time in protest of this carefree behaviour.”

”We should rename Pakistan as Muzamatistan because that is all people do here. They express sorry for a few days and then forget what a person has done for them. The least the government could have done for Aitzaz was to declare 6th January as a national holiday in memory of my beloved brother Aitazaz.”

“My main misery is due to the fact that my provinces people have not done much in memory of my brother. I have attended events in Punjab conducted in memory of my brother but not even a single event was hosted in KPK.” He has requested the top leadership to take matters into their own hands and provide them with required security before there comes a time where another muzammat is needed.