Pindi police get new uniforms

RAWALPINDI: The Rawalpindi police was handed over 13,000 new uniforms which are to be distributed in a week after sizing problems were addressed.

Additional Inspector General (AIG) of Police (Logistics) Humayun Bashir Tarar told the Rawalpindi police early this week to collect the new uniforms.

“After addressing sizing problems, new uniforms in various sizes have been sent to the Rawalpindi police,” AIG Tarar said.

Soon after the police was told about the delivery of new uniforms, a tailor from Police Lines was called by the RPO and CPO for taking measurements to avert sizing problems because the uniforms will be given to officials in all ranks.

The first of the new uniforms were distributed in Lahore in April after being approved by the Punjab chief minister and problems with sizing were noticed soon after.

The distribution of uniforms in Rawalpindi was therefore delayed and it was decided to first review sizes.

The AIG logistics said officials will not be allowed to buy cloth from the market to get their uniformed made as pre-approved cloth can only be used in the uniforms, which have to be stitched by an approved tailor.

He said the new uniforms are olive green, which will help protect officers against the heat. However, officers in Lahore said the new uniform is heat absorbing and uncomfortable.

Since officers of all ranks are given a uniform allowance, they will be sold the new uniforms for Rs1,950 each.

The new uniforms include a shirt with two pockets, a trouser with four pockets and a cap. Women officials will also be given uniforms sewn from the same cloth.