The Pied Piper of the Dreams

It is often said the most learned and wisest of the people are like stars that on the sky from which many seek guidance in the wilderness and dark thus becoming the saviors for the wayward. Much comes on the path of knowledge and its perseverance, effort, and blessings of Allah that makes a man source of hope and knowledge for others. What can be done when this very light becomes the torch for the abodes?

Prophet SAWS foretold the state of such chameleons for people like us to save us from the calamities of wisdom that was meant to be the solace for the souls. Recently a British turncoat imam with the name of Hafiz Ahmed urged Muslims in the UK to join the British army and fight against their own faith group. This by no chance is a coincidence anymore. Traitors with the turbans and beards are breeding like maggots. It has been a consensus for centuries that anyone fighting with non-Muslim troops against Muslims is not a Muslim in any degree.

It is these times when this hadith sounds most pertinent.

“Such a time will come to people that only the name of Islam and the image of the Quran will remain. Mosques will be prosperous on the outside but will have no salvation in them. Their scholars will be the evilest under the sky. Corruption emerged from them and will return to them.” (Al Bayhaqi).

“Wolves will give readings in the end of time. Let those who come to those times seek shelter from their evil in Allah. They will be very corrupt people. Hypocrisy will prevail, and nobody will be ashamed of it and it’s manifestations.”(Tirmidhi)

The tragedy is the state of the countries that have a Muslim majority in it. Mostly under dictatorship and in some instances under pseudo democracy the abject and heart-shattering situation of healthcare, education, and religiosity is appalling. Religion is being used for nothing but self-glorification, justice is being served to protect the felons and the most wretched has risen to the top echelons of the state.

Quran narrates the tale of Pharoah how he walked through the red sea and lead his nation to ruin and destruction for the life and the hereafter. For some reason, the simile isn’t irrelevant today.

It was known originally with its German name Rattenfänger von Hameln. The story from the middle ages of a man with special powers. He helped people until they did him wrong and he would finally avenge it with the brutality that most would remember and tell the tales about it. People in the English-speaking world now know the story as The Pied Piper.

Our leaders are a mirror of our depraved selves and state of our corrupt hearts. They are the very ugly self that reflects itself. These Pied Pipers are our own creations when we wrong them by teaching them as children that inexorable killing, corruption, indulgence, lying and cheating is not only okay but somewhat applauded. That riches is the end for which all means are legal. Have they not sat on the same benches in the same schools where we went? Do they not song speak the same language, breath the same air, bask in the same sun and buried in the same soil as we do? Yet our blood is on their hands.

Hamelin might be an old town in lower Saxony that existed or not, yet Allah the living, has his laws etched in the stone. No matter where we live, this karma will watch us. If the parables in the Quran aren’t enough, we’re not better than rats that followed the pied piper into extinction.