The Kosher Holocaust

Krakow is one of the oldest cities in Poland. The laid back stone city is such a dreamy place to me. The city square and its pigeons sing a serene song. Journey inwards to west, however, isn’t as smooth, both physically and historically.

Less than 50 km west there is a small city called Oświęcim. It’s both ironic and tragic that most people wouldn’t recognize it with its real name. Unless you speak polish, it won’t ring any bells. Most of us know it from its German name. Auschwitz. The train stops in the middle of nowhere. One crosses the tracks and walks about a mile to get to the concentration camps.

A mile or so away, one is greeted by ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’. As you walk past the entrance a tour guide is assigned to a group of tourists and one walks through the chambers and looks at the disheveled, miserable belongings of the people gassed. Out the window, you can see the shooting wall where one was stood before the firing squad that unleashed the bullets. Their crime sometimes could be as trivial as their not being healthy enough to be of any use to the Third Reich.

Each day new flowers are found below it. The guide walks one through the corridors of history into uber Alles psyche. Millions rammed into sluggish trains towards their death.

Hair, teeth, bones, there was nothing that couldn’t be put to use. Nature, after all, had to favor the chosen race. Blond, blue eyes, Aryan ancestry and the right to take and grant life. A rather inflated sense of entitlement for a nation that had endured the ignominy of the treaty of versailles. Man with the mustache had them beguiled though.

Less than a century later, the relics of these Jews rallied and encroached another country. Tables turned and gentiles were the new Jews. The Ashkenzai wrath was just beginning. They begged the weapons from where they could find it, they pledged whatever they could and beat the effeminate Arab world many times. Israeli occupation enslaved and tortured the Muslims out of their homeland. Mass exodus with an ever increasing expansion of the territory is still in process.

Extra-judicial killings and kangaroo courts rule the law. Shylock-like lending practices made the sons of Moses a little more ruthless than they used to be. Banking, Media, Politics and War all dominated by the ‘chosen people’.

If there was a punch pulled from the fist fight, David Friedman’s appointment as US Ambassador to Israel has done it. A hardcore, hardened Zionist teamed with a racist, misogynist, xenophobic president isn’t a match made in hell. While the rats are nibbling the cheese, scum of the scholars is preaching tolerance and interfaith harmony. Muslims for Trump is in bed with their own nightmare and Muslim rulers are throwing bacchanalia.

It is found in Hadith literature that in end times a believer’s most valuable asset will be his goats that he’ll herd off to mountains to save his belief from the world. Food will be abundant but it will not reach the needy. Then Allah’s zikr will be the only food for people. Murders will be common and fight among scholars will kill their followers in hordes. Nonbelievers will rally and attack from all four sides and yet they will be defeated eventually.

The kosher holocaust of the Muslims seems quite palatable to the holocaust survivors. Their recidivism never slacked throughout the history. They killed dozens of prophets each day and then went about doing their business as if nothing has happened. I guess the unbelieving gentiles are a lot less to bear on their conscience if there is something like that. Ibn Khaldun’s remarkable work Muqadimmah got it right. Times change. Saints beget the sinners and sinners atone to become the salvaged.

The need of the hour is to stick to Prophet SA’s sunnah and religion steadfastly. The love of the throne and the garb of piety cannot gather in one heart. When the bloodbath starts, it’s only the ones who follow the chosen one will be victorious. Hasn’t Allah promised the righteous the ultimate victory? When the dust settles it is only these warriors that will have no fear and no regrets!