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Panama Leaks case verdict will make Pakistan corruption-free: JI

LAHORE: As a result of a “decision” in the Panama Leaks case, Pakistan will emerge as a corruption-free country in the world, Jamaat-i-Islami Emir Senator Sirajul Haq said here on Thursday.

Addressing the participants of a central workshop held by the JI at its headquarters at Mansoora, he said Pakistan’s image abroad had been tarnished because of corruption.

In principle, he said, it was the government’s responsibility to check fraud and corruption, but unfortunately the country’s rulers were themselves at the top in corruption and could not be expected to control the menace.

He said if only a few big fish were netted and punished for corruption, all others would automatically renounce the social evil.

The JI chief also condemned the student unions ban continuing since 1984 and said this had done irreparable harm to the growth of political culture in the country.

“If employees in government and semi-government departments and institutions had the right to form unions and associations, there could be no justification for denying the same to the students at college and university level,” he argued. The revival of student unions was a must to strengthen democracy in the country, he insisted.

He said the JI drive against corruption was not against any individual or any party, terming it a fight for the public rights.

The JI chief said only an honest and “clean” leadership could control the menace of corruption.

However, he said, to curb corruption overhauling of the electoral system was required so that a common man too could return to the assemblies without spending billions on election campaign.

Mr Haq alleged that the international establishment and the foreign NGOs were backing the corrupt mafias. He said only those guilty of loot and plunder were afraid of accountability.

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