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Judicial system has completely paralyzed. Aman Ullah Lak

Mandi Bahauddin (Sher Gondal): The most senior advocate and Ex MPA Aman Ullah Lak has expressed serious concerns over judicial system and ongoing practices that are damaging confidence of litigant public in judiciary and lawyers community. In a press statement he said the judicial system has completely paralyzed because of lack of discipline and questionable conduct of judges and lawyers, especially in lower courts. He said although pay structure and other privileges of judges have been sufficiently raised and their strength has been increased but all these measures have not made expected improvement in administration of speedy and transparent justice. Lawyers group leaders appear in the court rooms with a group of their juniors and they together stand on rostrum to pressurize the presiding officers to get decisions of their choice. As there is no accountability system for lawyers, the judges in order to save their jobs often succumb to the pressure. There is another wrong practice being followed after the end of lawyers movement, he added and said that recording of evidence is handed over to young lawyers who have not sufficient experience of the legal profession. Judgments depend on evidence and when the evidence does not cover all aspects of case facts then judge is likely to go wrong while passing the final verdict. He said there was an urgent need to reform the justice system. Evidence should be recorded by judges and in court rooms lawyers engaged by parties should plead the case. Their juniors may sit in the court room in proper manner to watch proceedings taking place in the court.  And atmosphere must prevail in the court conducive to conduct of uninterrupted proceedings.

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