Local administration determined to check inflation

The District Price Control Committee (DPCC) has fixed prices of 18 food items which are much lower than the prices already prevalent in the market. The step, according to District Price Control Committee (DPCC) Secretary Dr Muhammad Arshad is aimed at bringing down the rates of the food items sold on higher rates than the new price list.

Talking to ‘The News’ District Price Control Committee Secretary Dr Muhammad Arshad on behalf of District Coordination Officer (DCO), Rawalpindi Talat Gondal, who is also chairman of District Price Control Committee said that we have finalised prices of 18 items for issuing a notification today (Friday). The rates which we have mentioned are final and we will strictly implement the prices of the food items mentioned in the price list.

When this correspondent asked him as how could they bring down the prices as a ‘roti’ was already selling at Rs7 against Rs6 and a ‘naan’ at Rs8 against the newly mentioned rate of Rs7 while mutton was selling at Rs750 and beef at Rs450. The secretary (DPCC) replied that they know the prices are higher than the new price list, but this was sole reason as why the new prices list has been prepared as the traders were looting public and they want to control prices of food items to check from these profiteers and hoarders.

According to new price list, the DCO has fixed price of 1-liter of milk at Rs70 whereas it is being sold in the open market in range between Rs80 to Rs100, whereas yogurt’s new price has been fixed at Rs80 whereas it is currently being sold at Rs90 to Rs100.

The mutton price has been fixed at Rs625 but butchers are selling 1-kilogram mutton at Rs750. The beef price has been fixed at Rs325 but 1-kilogram beef is selling at Rs450 in the market. The District Price Control Committee (DPCC) and DCO, Rawalpindi have maintained price of rice at Rs105 but unfortunately 1-kilogram rice are selling at Rs120-130, ‘Daal Maash’ at Rs205 but it is selling at Rs280, ‘Daal Masoor’ at Rs150 but it is selling at Rs180, ‘Daal Channa’ at Rs160 but it is selling at Rs180 and ‘White Channa’ at Rs165 which is selling at Rs210 per kilogram.

On the other hand ‘Muttahidda Naanbai’ Welfare Association President Shafiq Qureshi said that they have been selling a ‘Naan’ at Rs8 and ‘Roti’ at Rs7 for past three years. The city district government, Rawalpindi is making big jokes with public, he said.

Rawalpindi Milkmen Association General Secretary Mushtaq Ahmed Gujjar said that they are selling 1-liter milk at Rs100 for around 1-year. Some of milkmen are even selling 1-liter milk at Rs80 and some of at Rs90. But how could the local management ask us to sell 1-liter milk at Rs70, he added.

Mutton and Beef Wholesale Dealers Association senior representative Muhammad Naeem Qureshi said that they have been selling 1-kilogram beef at Rs450-Rs460 and mutton at Rs750 for 1-year. “How could we afford to sell beef at Rs325 and mutton at Rs625, he questioned.

Now the onus lies on the city district government, Rawalpindi which has literally failed to control profiteers and hoarders as they increase prices of eatables with free will. The local administration has an good strength of assistant commissioners and price magistrates but they fail to control prices of all items, said Mohammad Ali, a resident of Arya Mohallah.

He said that has the city district government able to control price of sugar which is selling at Rs80 per kilogram in the retail shops.

Syed Wasiq Hussain, said that they have been buying a ‘roti’ at Rs7 and a ‘naan’ at Rs8 for years which means ‘naanbais’ have been selling ‘roti’ and ‘naan’ on higher prices without any notification but local management seems to be in deep slumber. “We will like them to check the higher prices of food items as it affects our budget dearly, he added.