Police accused of harassing PTI workers, family members

TAXILA: MNA from Taxila and PTI leader Ghulam Sarwar Khan alleged that the Punjab government was harassing and victimising party workers by raiding their houses and detaining their family members in undisclosed locations in bid to stop them from participating in the November 2 Islamabad lockdown.

He was addressing a press conference at the local party secretariat on Sunday. Local party leaders Raza Shah and Ammar Sadeeq Khan were also present.

Mr Khan claimed that the provincial government was using all tactics to harass the PTI workers.

He claimed that the father of a local PTI activist and the son of a councilor were also picked by the police.

He said without search warrants, the police were raiding the houses of PTI activists and harassing their family members.

He claimed that the police raided the house of MPA from Wah, Taimoor Masood, Vice President Wah Cantonment Board Amjad Kashmiri, councilor Malik Ihtasham and former Naib Nazim Sheeraz Ahmed. He said a large number of PTI workers from Taxila and Wah would participate in the November 2 Islamabad protest.

Meanwhile, local PTI leaders, office-bearers and councilors went underground to avert arrest. According to family members of PAT district general secretary Saifullah, the police raided their house and harassed them.

The contingents have also been deployed at Margalla hills to stop the entry of PTI activists from Hazara and other parts of KP in the federal capital.

The reinforcements from other districts arrived here to assist the local police in maintaining law and order. Police and FC contingents deployed on the roads leading to Islamabad have been equipped with batons and riot gear.

The police raided PTI offices in several localities and detained at least 10 workers. Those rounded up were shifted to undisclosed locations and are likely to be booked under the Maintenance of Public Order (MPO).