Chairman POF called Mr. Israr Ul Haq, to his office appreciated his success

Mr. Israr Ul Haq, a resident of Wah Cannt and son of a POF employee participated in South Asian Karate Championship held in New Dehli, India in September 16 and won 04 medals. Chairman POF called him to his office appreciated his success.


76 candidates contesting district council reserved seats

TAXILA: As many as 76 aspiring candidates are contesting the second phase of the local government elections for reserved seats in the municipal committees and district council.

There are 15 seats for women, four for religious minorities, three for peasants and one each for a youth member and a technocrat in the district council.

Three aspiring candidates, Zafran Chand, Changaiz Dilawar and Kanwal Nayan, belong to the influential Maj Tahir group and are running unopposed for religious minorities’ reserved seats.

There are six municipal committees within the district including Hazro, Hassanabdal, Fatehjang and Pindigheb.

There are 76 candidates running for district council seats so far. For the women’s seats, the candidates include Noor Jehan from Pindigheb tehsil, Resham Jan from Jand tehsil, Afsheen Akhter from Jand tehsil, Khatoon Bibi from Jand tehsil, Fouzia Bibi from Hazro tehsil, Nushat Sultan from Fatehjang tehsil, Eman Waseem from Fatehjang tehsil, Sabeeha Nazli from Hassanabdal tehsil, Noor Bibi from Pindigheb tehsil, Nazeer Bibi from Jand tehsil, Aneela Kalsoom from Fatehjang tehsil and Munawar Sultan from Fatehjang tehsil.

The candidates for the technocrat seat include Mohammad Aslam from Pindigheb tehsil, Malik Sajjad Ahmed Khan from Jand tehsil and Hassan Akhter from Attock tehsil. The contestants for the youth seat include Zeeshan Malik from Fatehjang tehsil and Bilawal Saleem from Attock tehsil.

Hameed Akbar from Attock tehsil, Roman Shoukat from the Hassanabdal tehsil, Nusrat Mehmood from the Fatehjang tehsil, Ansar Mehmood from the Fatehjang tehsil and Rub Nawaz from the Fatehjang tehsil are contesting the peasant seats.

A total 363 candidates are running in the 71 union councils in Attock district. There are 71 reserved seats for peasant members for which 110 candidates are running, 71 seats for youth members with 94 candidates, 71 seats for religious minorities with 16 candidatesand 71 seats for women for which 173 candidates are running.

According to the schedule, elections for specified seats in the district council, municipal corporation and metropolitan corporation will be held on Nov 9, while elections for specified seats in the municipal committees will be held on Nov 10.

The inspection of nomination papers was scheduled for Oct 17 and 18, and elections for specified seats in the union council will be held on Nov 12.

By clinching three seats unopposed, the Maj Tahir group has an edge over its local political rival, the PML-N.

The chaiwala who went viral just landed his first fashion job

Pakistan’s chai-making sensation has a name, people. It’s Arshad Khan.

And we’re likely to get to know him better because he’s on his way to possible stardom.

Retail site has signed on Arshad as a model — for an undisclosed amount. His first shoot is already out.

Arshad's modelling t-shirts for - Photo courtesy
Arshad’s modelling t-shirts for – Photo courtesy

We talked to Arshad, and discovered that he could be a good fit in showbiz. Here’s why.

1) For starters, Arshad Khan is just 18.

That sounds like an appropriate age to begin one’s career in showbiz. He could have started earlier, but oh well.

More background about Arshad: He hails from Kohat and has been makingchai at Itwar Bazaar for three months now. He has never been to school. He plans to marry, but will let his parents choose his bride.

2) He has great story for how he got his first gig.

Arshad doesn’t know when his photograph was taken or who took it, but he spotted a few kids holding flyers with half his face printed on them, the same picture circulating online. When he asked where they got the flyers, they said a helicopter came and threw them from the sky.

Now that’s a great start to a story.

We think he's a natural in front of the camera
We think he’s a natural in front of the camera

3) He was quick to get used to the limelight.

When the media first hounded him, Arshad freaked out. His mamoo(maternal uncle) was also worried. ‘Why is the media after him?’ he wondered. Upon reaching Arshad’s chai stall, he discovered the reason for the hullabaloo: people found him ‘khoobsurat’.

Initially, Arshad tried to drive away the media. His friends asked for huge sums of money —20 lacs from Dawn TV and 50 lacs from Geo TV — to deter reporters from approaching him.

Arshad was also upset that his entire day went to waste. Due to the clamour, he lost his phone.

But ask Arshad not even a day later, and he’s very happy about his newfound fame. He says that he’ll definitely model and act in films if he gets the chance.

His mamoo agrees, saying that if Arshad gets any film or modelling offers, he will fully support him and stand by his side.

Arthur expects Pakistan to perform well in upcoming Tests against Windies

Pakistan head coach Mickey Arthur on Tuesday said he expects the team to perform well in the upcoming Test against the West Indies.

Pakistan’s batting line-up collapsed in the second innings of the first Test.

“I really hope the team will do well and improve its performance in the second Test,” said the head coach while talking to DawnNews in the United Arab Emirates.

Arthur added that the performance of the Test team has been satisfactory in recent Test series.

“The performance of the team in England was very motivating, and the motivation can drive the team for years,” said Arthur.

The coach was all praise for Yasir Shah, and said that Shah will be a “champion bowler for Pakistan in the future as he is an exceptional bowler”.

“The upcoming tours of Australia and New Zealand will be the real test for the team, but I am looking forward to the challenge along with the team,” said the coach.

The remaining two Tests of the series against the West Indies will be played in Abu Dhabi (October 21-25) and Sharjah (October 30-November 3).

Centre cheating provinces on CPEC, alleges Khattak

PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak has said that federal government is cheating federating units of the country on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project.

Talking to participants of National Management Course at Chief Minister Secretariat here on Tuesday, he said that CPEC project was conceptually initiated by Mushrraf-led government but when PML-N came into power, it initiated different projects in Punjab keeping the rest of federating units in darkness.

According to a statement, Mr Khattak said that federal government diverted almost the entire amount of $46 billion to projects in Punjab.

KP chief minister says western route of corridor should be completed first

He said that work on western route should be initiated and completed first. The western route should be notified as integral part of CPEC, he added.

The chief minister said that he was not against the central route but when it came to the western route, he would never give up. “It is a project that will spell out the future landscape of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the entire belt,” he added.

Mr Khattak doubted the intentions of the federal government, saying the western route would not benefit the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa if it was not used by the Chinese for transportation of goods and services and it did not have all the prerequisites required for a route because the investors would hardly invest there.

“It is strange to see that infrastructure is completed on central route of CPEC but there is no practical work on the western route. It is a joke. It is against the commitment of the prime minister,” said the chief minister. He added that he would fight it out at all forums not only for the western route and rights of the province, but more vociferously they would continue asking the federal government about the cheating.

Mr Khattak said that public access was ensured to the service delivery through Right to Services Act. “There are almost 25 services which would have to be provided to the people within a timeframe. Failure in this regard would be considered a crime,” he said.

The chief minister said that his government formed different boards in all public sector entities to end government’s interference and make those institutions autonomous. He said that government also undertook a monitoring mechanism to ensure presence of teachers and doctors etc at their duty place.

“We also succeeded in enhancing the quality of services and the overall delivery of these services in the education and health sectors and brought them at par with the private sector,” said Mr Khatta.

He said that in future, public sector hospitals would have their own employees including doctors and nursing and auxiliary staff throughout the province.

He also referred to the health insurance scheme launched by his government for the provision of free healthcare to poor people.

Meanwhile, the participants of the 20th Senior Management Course (SMC) on Tuesday visited Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Ehtesab Commission.

Sixteen participants of the course were on a study tour and officials of KPEC briefed them about structure and working of the accountability body.

A statement issued here said that retired Col Sardar Ali, the director investigation of KPEC, briefed the participants about the commission achievements.

He said that commission made remarkable stride in a short span of time despite limited resources.

Lajbar Khan, KPEC special prosecutor, briefed the participants about Pakhtunkhwa Ehtesab Commission Act, 2014. He said that the law would go a long way in dealing with the cases of corruption. Mohammad Sajjad, KPEC acting director general, was also present on the occasion.