PAF Mirage aircraft crashes, Pilot killed

KARACHI: October 18, 2016– A Pakistan Air Force (PAF) jet crashed while on a training mission in Karachi on Tuesday, killing the flight lieutenant.

A huge explosion was heard as the Mirage aircraft went down in Musharraf Colony of Maripur area.

Pakistan’s armed forces have had several air accidents in the past 18 months, including a crash that killed female jet pilot in another training exercise in November last year.

On September 24, PAF’s F-7 aircraft went down near the town of Jamrud, near the entrance to the Khyber Pass, and Flight Lieutenant Amer Shazad was killed.

In May 2015, a military helicopter carrying diplomats to inspect a tourism project crashed, killing seven people, including the ambassadors of Norway and Philippines.

Another military helicopter being used as an air ambulance crashed in August 2015 near the northern district of Mansehra, killing 12 people.


Nawaz Sharif elected unopposed PML N president in party election

ISLAMABAD  – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been elected unopposed as the president of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) for another four years in the party’s intra party elections held in Islamabad today (Tuesday).

Raja Zafarul Haq has been elected as Chairman and Sartaj Aziz, Sir Anjaam Khan, Sikandar Hayat, Changez Mari, Imdad Hussain Chandio, Yaqoub Nasir as the senior vice presidents of the party.

Pervaiz Rashid has been elected unopposed as the Finance Secretary, Mushahidullah Information Secretary and Ahsan Iqbal Deputy Secretary General of the party.

Police plan crackdown on wheelie

TAXILA: The traffic police will soon launch a crackdown on wheelie and underage motorcycle rickshaw driver in Taxila.

This was stated by Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Rawalpindi Yousaf Ali while talking to newsmen here on Monday after attending a meeting to finalize traffic plan of the city. Member provincial assembly Malik Umer Farooq, Assistant Commissioner Shahid Imran, tehsil municipal officer Qamar Zeeshan, officials from provincial road department, National highway authority, National highway and motorway Police and district police were also present on the occasion.

He also directed action against mechanics that made alterations to motorbikes for such activities and rent them for road stunts.

He said wardens had been deployed at key points to check those doing wheelie.

“All senior police officers and in-charge circles had been deployed at specific points,” the CTO said, adding that cases would be registered against violators of the ban on wheelie and mechanics who modified motorcycles. Besides arresting the riders, the police will impound motorcycles modified for wheelie, he said.

Meanwhile, MPA Malik Umer Farooq inaugurated Taxila Chowk re-modeling project which would be completed in one month with an estimated cost of Rs7 million.

Women need partners who won’t feel overshadowed by their success: Naveen Waqar

We know Naveen Waqar is selective about her projects, but did we know she turned down a chance to work with Big B?

The Humsafar star, who rose to fame after playing the vicious vamp against Mahira and Fawad Khan, went on to work in hit TV dramas like Annie Ki Aayegi Baraat and Alvida and made her film debut in 2013 with the Aamina Sheikh-starrer Josh.

In conversation with Images, the 31-year old opens up about her personal life, cinema and what awaits her next.

Images: Tell us a bit about what you do when you’re not working.

Naveen Waqar: I’m a total homebody. I love spending time with my family. Sundays, for example, are strictly family days. It’s all about my parents, brother and baby cousins and we spend the day together, playing games or taking them out.

In my spare time, I read a lot, catch up on music and movies I’ve missed out on, paint or write. I only do one project at a time, so that I balance my professional and personal life and focus on one thing at a time.

Images: How important do you think it is to have a partner in one’s life?

Naveen: It’s more important to have the right person as a partner, especially when a woman is a public figure. She needs someone who doesn’t feel overshadowed by her success and is comfortable in his own skin and above all, respects her.

Unfortunately, women are taught that their aim in life is to grow up and get married. I believe in letting them educate themselves so they can be self-reliant and independent. Relationships are important, but they shouldn’t be the only aspiration. There should always be a balance.

Images: Local cinema has been growing in leaps and bounds. Are you planning to make your silver screen debut anytime soon?

Naveen: It all depends on the right kind of role and script. I’m in no hurry. I want to take my time and if and when the right role comes along, I will say yes.

I’d love to do action roles. Action, psychological thrillers or intense drama, suspense are my kind of genres. Something that would challenge me, mentally and physically. Excite me enough to want to lose myself in the story. If given the choice, I’d rather prefer a role where I kick someone’s butt than dance and romance, but then again if done right, the latter can be fun too.

I was offered a role from across the border last year in November to work alongside Amitabh Bachchan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. But I wasn’t sure if it was the right time for me, and I was also shooting for Saya e Deewar Bhi Nahi, so saying no was the right choice at the time. It was very tempting but Pakistani cinema is reinventing itself and I want to be a part of that reinvention. I want to do a film that would be remembered as one that helped Pakistani cinema grow.

Naveen was offered a film role opposite Amitabh and Nawazuddin - we're thinking she could have been in the thriller flick, Te3n!
Naveen was offered a film role opposite Amitabh and Nawazuddin – we’re thinking she could have been in the thriller flick, Te3n!

Images: Lots of people are entering the film/TV industry. What do you think you offer that other actors don’t?

Naveen: I bring myself and my personality to the table. My work speaks for itself and although I haven’t done more than five projects that have been on-air, I am proud of my résumé. I have a lot more to learn and grow with. I’m still new as other contemporary actresses have done a lot more work than I have.

I like my work to speak for itself, and it has so far. People who have worked with me can definitely agree that I’m hard working. Personally, I try and give my absolute best and I’m a total team player. I take my work very seriously.

Images: What’s your take on the way women are portrayed on television? How do you pick roles?

Naveen: I wish they [makers] would cut down on the damsels in distress and increase roles where women are shown as powerful creatures that have the ability to do so much more.

I try and pick roles based on how much performance margin I get. As Shehla in Saya e Deewar Bhi Nahi, I got to really push myself as an actor. She grows; she makes mistakes, seeks redemption and pays the price. I got to show her good as well as her dark side. I try and not do one track or monotone characters.

Images: Is it hard to achieve success as a woman in this industry? Do you think it’s male-dominated?

Naveen: I personally think women are doing as well as men in the industry. Dramas are very or rather mostly female-oriented. My experiences with all my male co-actors have been good. They vary of course, but thankfully I’ve learnt and grew from every person I get to work with. Women still have to work twice as hard to be recognized for their achievements, be it in this business or otherwise.

I think it’s the mindset of our society in general. ‘Men are better than women’; it’s something that people have been fed while growing up in all aspects of life. It’s unfair, but I believe times are changing. It is a slow process, but women are stepping up on the same platforms as men and performing as good, if not better. However, it takes a thorough gentleman to admit to it, and not all men are comfortable with women doing better than them even when they are.

Images: A lot of your work has been with MD Productions; what’s your take on having favorites in the industry?

Naveen: The fact that I started my acting career with them has a lot to do with it. But mostly, it’s about the script that I’m offered. It’s not like I’m bound to work only with a particular production house. I’m open to anything that appeals to me. Nonetheless, I do have a comfortable bond with the team; they’ve seen me grow over the years.

Images: What can your fans expect next from you?

Naveen: My serial with MD Productions, Kuch Na Kaho, will soon start airing. It’s an emotional rollercoaster ride. Saya e Deewar Bhi Nahi is already on air and I have received great feedback. I’ve also portrayed the character of a bartender in this very intriguing short film called Orphic that will be played on a few film festivals as well.

I also shot two episodes of an upcoming series alongside Imran Abbas and Ali Safina; that is produced by Ahsan Khan and directed by Sakina Samoo. So overall, I’m very content with what I’m doing and I’m glad that I’ve been getting an opportunity to explore my diversity with every project.

Gas shortages set to rise despite LNG imports, NA body told

ISLAMABAD : Domestic consumers in Punjab will face severe gas shortages during the upcoming winter due to the curtailment of supply from 10pm to 5am daily, the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Petroleum was informed here on Monday.

Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources Shahid Khaqan Abbasi told a meeting of the committee, chaired by Chaudhry Bilal Ahmed Virk, that the worst year of gas shortages for consumers in Punjab had started.

He said that gas load management plan had been activated and gas shortages were being felt in certain areas of the province.

The minister expressed concern over priority access to natural gas enjoyed by provinces that were producers of the vital resource, claiming that this had been made possible under the 18th Amendment to the Constitution.

“This restriction should not apply to domestic users,” the minister said, adding that the issue has importance because Punjab is the largest consumer of natural gas and the smallest producer.

The brunt of any curtailment, therefore, falls on Punjab since it has to do with whatever gas is left in the system after consumption by domestic, commercial and industrial cosumers in Balochistan, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

He said that despite importing liquefied natural gas (LNG), the gas shortfall remained significant and the costly imported LNG would be consumed mainly by industrial consumers.

The minister said that the gas shortfall for domestic consumers was 40 per cent on the system of Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) at present, which would further increase in the coming days.

SNGPL officials told media that the peak estimated in Punjab and KP was 1.45 billion cubic feet daily, whereas the average supply of gas is between 800 and 900 million cubic feet daily.

“But there are chances that the demand will go up as more areas are being covered by the SNGPL network whereas the supply usually declines in winter months that see peak demand.”

They listed various reasons for this, including technical reasons, as the gas flow is reduced due to a decling in temperature.

The committee was informed that the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority had allowed SNGPL to expand its network and execute development works.

“We are now giving connections to the applicants of 2014 and soon the applications of 2015 will be taken up,” Amjad Latif, SNGPL managing director, told the meeting.

Based on complaints by the members of the committee, it was decided that like electricity bills, both gas utility companies too would print the photo of gas meters showing the reading in all monthly bills.

The committee was also informed that India continued to be part of the TAPI gas pipeline project, which was expected to be operational by Dec 2019.

Interstate Gas Systems managing director Mubeen Saulat said that the project was on track and Turkmenistan had agreed to become the consortium leader by contributing up to 85 per cent of equity, while Afghanistan, Pakistan and India would take five per cent equity share each.

The TAPI Pipeline Company Limited was incorporated as an offshore company in the Isle of Man in Nov 2014.