The Lost Faith in Eldorado

The question after world war 1 became more severe when the intermingling between the Christian world and Muslim world happened under a very different power relationship that Muslims were used to for centuries. This means their subjugated colonized reality would have very little against its encroaching and aggressive invader. This was inevitable and Islam had to move out of Arabian peninsula. It was religion for eternity and it had to pick up the gauntlet.

Luckily, Islamic tradition and its philosophical superiority had proven itself in academic spheres and triumphed in earlier encounters with the christian world when great feats like defeating Greek philosophy were pulled by Imam Al-Ghazali RA along with many others. This left us a great tradition of Kalam and logical reasoning that western world claimed itself to have mastered.

They have upped their game a notch since then. Now the western world has reconstructed not only its despicable religious history with another abominable theory called Secularism, they want it enforced. This time around its not an academic debate. It’s more of a hostile takeover with ideas shoved down the throat if they aren’t palatable in their raw form.

The corollary isn’t very different from what scholars had anticipated. The weaker and conniving took the bait and along came a generation that was quick to sell their souls for their masters’ leftovers. This ensured their smooth career progression in the courts of the English. Lepel Griffin wrote a fantastic book called Chiefs of Punjab where he lists all the influential court jesters that fought with their kinsmen for scraps of gold, water wells, a hand of villages and an annuity.

Not surprisingly the ‘false’ Prophet Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani came from a family with a long history of betraying the freedom fighters in colonial India. No wonder the masters shout about their ‘rights’ the most. Ironically they are more true to their salt then the turncoats.

Given the situation, a consensus was reached. People who are influenced easily by the foreign intrusion and give up their customs must stay in Muslim countries. They are safer at home. The ones who neither change nor influence others to convert can be allowed to migrate. Lastly, people with great influence and academic abilities must go to non-believing communities and convey the message of Prophet SA.

Gold diggers have their own reasons and they live in an aura they build for themselves. This catch 22 situation where glitter and faith presented a mutually exclusive choice, they chose the darkness. All kinds of irrelevant, cherry-picked verses were furnished from Quran to justify their avarice. Only half a century later this is where we are. In 2011, Muslims for Progressive Values appointed Imam Daayiee Abdullah as its Director for their “LGBTQ Outreach Program.”

The third generation of these sellouts has become a fearless and brazen version of their own opportunist selves. They have Islamic names, Asian tones, inspired accents and distorted identities. In order to appease their antagonist host cultures, they can go to great lengths and betray their own religion, history, parents and countries with remorse.

List only starts here. There is a British Muslims for Secular Democracy,Imaan, a group of LGBT Londoners, The Inner Circle, that claims to have first gay imam and all kind of sects one can think of. A generation raised by its enemies who eventually went off like a ticking bombing on the same people who incubated them. Swerving between embarrassment and shame some exasperated parents erupt into a desperate honor killing episode others abandon them into seclusion.

The legend of Zipa of the Muisca people in Colombia still lives today. Many Spanish conquistadors have searched for the lost city and have lost their lives in the quest. The word has it that the King arranged a huge initiation ceremony where he was to be crowned. This was once in a lifetime event, so he came up with an idea to make it an everlasting saga.

He covered himself with golden dust as an ostentatious display of his immense wealth while his attendants threw trinkets made of gold, emeralds, and precious stones into the lake and he submerged in the Lake Guatavita, a fabulous lake amidst the Andes, 50 km from Bogota. People eventually found out and rallied towards this magnetic and exotic land filled with gold and women.

Conquistadors centuries later, eventually did find silver in South America and it has ever since become one of the poorest regions in the world filled with disease, penury, violence and woe. For some reason, Muslims in the west don’t appear to be very different than the Muisca King.

While they were dazzling their ‘backward simpleton’ relatives back home with gifts and stories from their new home, indulged in vulgar display of begged velvet, their offspring took off the garb of piety, faith and sincerity that they inherited from their forefathers and put on the lowly borne tags their masters had prepared for them in schools.