PTI files petition with Supreme Court seeking PM’s disqualification

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) on Monday filed a petition with the Supreme Court seeking disqualification of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from his office as well as the National Assembly.

The petition, a copy of which is available with, was filed by PTI’s counsel Naeem Bukhari on behalf of party chairman Imran Khan. It has been filed against 10 respondents, which include Nawaz Sharif, his daughter, sons and government institutions.

“We plea to the Supreme Court to review the evidence, documents and the contradictions, we have raised and provide justice to entire nation,” Naeem-ul-Haq, spokesperson to the PTI chairman, said.

Haq said his party believed that on basis of the evidence presented before the court, Nawaz Sharif was no more eligible to remain the prime minister.

PTI counsel Bukhari told reporters that they have submitted the petition with the apex court’s registrar office, which will decide if it is maintainable.

The PTI counsel claimed the petition was flawless and that it was enclosed with records of previous speeches made by Prime Minister Nawaz.

He also referred to the Supreme Court’s decision regarding disqualification of former premier Yousaf Raza Gilani, saying that the court “disqualified him because by violating law, he acted against the will of masses”.

“Justice Khawaja in his note had made it clear that if an elected prime minister violates the Constitution or law, it will be translating into acting against the will of people, so such a person could not retain the office or membership of an assembly,” Bukhari said.

He was of the view that on the same grounds, Nawaz was also not eligible to remain in office as “he acted against the will of masses by lying in the National Assembly”.

Bukhari told reporters that their petition is based on the prime minister’s May 16 speech delivered on the floor of the National Assembly. “A statement delivered on the floor of an assembly possesses prestige,” he said, adding that were a lot of contradictions between the facts and the claims made by Nawaz.