Police foiled bid to occupy school building in Wah

 Wah Cantonment foiled a bid to occupy on gun point a school building in Lalazar area on Friday. Inam Fatima reported to Police that she run a private school located on Liaquat road in Lalazar area when dozens of people riding three different vehicles equipped different weapons stormed in school and restored aerial firing. They also thrashed school staff and throw them out besides damaging the school furniture and in bid to occupy school tried to close the door inside. Meanwhile local police was informed about presence of armed men in the school and listening of hue and cry of students as well as female staff, a police contingent led by station house officer inspector Zahreer Ud Din Babar rushed to the spot, however the armed men managed to flee from the scene successfully. Police registered a case against dozens of people under different sections and started further investigation.

Celebration regarding Hindu religious festival ‘Rakhi’ concluded at Punja Sahib

AThe three day Hindu religious festival Rakhi observed every year to mark the bond of love between brother and sister concluded here at the Gurdawara Punja Sahib on Thursday.

All out arrangements for the boarding and lodging of over 2 thousand Hindu and Sikh participants by Evacuee Trust property Board (ETPB) with collaboration with Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (PSGPC) .

Over 2 thousand followers of Hindu and Sikh religion from different parts of the country including FATA, KPK and interior Sindh participated in the ‘Raksha Bandhan’ commonly known as Rakhi in which young girls and women tie Rakhis to the wrists of their brothers and exchanged greetings. As there is no major Hindu temple in this Potohar region, this festival is celebrated by the Hindus at the Sikh temple – Punja Sahib Hassanabdal every year.

On Thursday, a large number of girls tied a holy thread to boys and men, binding them in the sacred relationship of brotherhood. After Rakhi ceremony and Pooja, the brother presents his sister with presents. According to Hindu religion, Rakhi is a prominent Hindu festival that celebrates the relationship between brother and sister. Hindus dress up for the occasion and sisters tie Rakhi (a holy thread) on their brothers’ wrists, usually at the time prescribed by the pundits.  According to a Hindu religion legend, the history of the festival dates back to the Vedic period. Deities and demons were fighting on a poornima (full-moon) day of the Hindu month of Shravan. Lord Indra, the king of the deities, was worried because the demons were in a stronger position, so his wife Indrani (also known as Shashikala) prepared a magical thread using her religious power and tied it to Indra’s right wrist. The thread protected him and the deities won the battle eventually. The magic was initially called Raksha Sutra, and renamed over time to Raksha Bandhan. According to rituals, Hindu festival takes place on a poornima day in Shravan every year. Special security measures had been taken by the police and law enforcement agencies for the people gathered at the Gurdwara to mark the festival.

Addressing to the concluding ceremony of Bhog as Chief guest, Chairman Evacuee Trust Property

Board (ETPB) Siddiq-ul-Farooq said that all the communities inhabiting the length and breadth of Pakistan enjoy equal rights and government was making all out efforts to ensure and protect their basic rights. Secretary ETPB Khalid Ali, Deputy Secretary Shrines Imran Gondal and administrator Tanveer Hussain was also present on this occasion. Siddiq-ul-Farooq said that the minority communities have been enjoying complete religious freedom in Pakistan. He said that the worship places of the minorities were being repaired, renovated and restored across the country, besides ensuring foolproof security arrangements at these sites. He further said that Rs 270 million increases has been witnessed in the annual income of the Evacuee Trust Property Board Pakistan largely due to ongoing effective policies implemented successfully in the country.

“Though this festival has come to become more of a ceremony between real brothers and sisters, it really began as an honorable relationship between strangers also”. Permajeet Kaur, a young girl who hails from Buneer district of KPK while tying  knot of Rakhi of a boy of her tribe. “It’s really a duty-bound obligation of protection that comes with the role of a brother, Rakhsha Bandhan literally means ‘bond of protection’.” Said Mahndar Singh while talking to DAWN who was attending the festival at the temple.

SHO martyred, three police personnel injured in exchange of fire

SWABI: One SHO was martyred and three police personnel  were injured in an exchange of fire with criminals  near Machli Chok Zaidan on Tuesday.
Sources said that on a tip off, police conducted raid on  the hideout of proclaimed offenders in Machli Chok  . An exchange of fire took place between the police raiding party and the criminals resulting into martyrdom of   SHO Zaida police station  Asghar Khan.  ASI Muhammad Naeem , Constable Zulfikar and Murtaza were injured.
Injured were rushed to Bacha Khan Medical complex.
Meanwhile, a heavy contingent of police conducted a search operation and  apprehended eight suspected  persons  while further investigation is underway.

Right amounts of sleep, regular exercise lowers stroke risk: study

Getting seven to eight hours of sleep a night and exercising 30 to 60 minutes, three to six times a week, are healthy behaviors that can greatly reduce adults’ stroke risk, according to research.

They analysis examined how long, average and short sleep durations and physical activity, such as walking, swimming, bicycling, gardening and more, impact stroke risk.

The researchers found out that “average sleepers – those who slept seven to eight hours a night – were 25 percent less likely to have experienced a stroke. Long sleepers – those who got more than eight hours a night – were 146 percent more likely to have suffered a stroke.

The research further said that short sleepers, who slept less than seven hours a night, were 22 percent more likely to report having had a stroke. Average sleep (7-8 hours) and vigorous leisurely activity (30-60 minutes) three to six times per week significantly decreased stroke risk.

Computer analysis of large, complex health information sets is an important tool for accurately determining health risks in populations, according to the authors.

Exercise ‘does not harm memory: study

ISLAMABAD: In 2014, a study published in the journal Science claimed that new neurons created through physical activity erase old memories. Now, new research by scientists from Texas A&M College of Medicine finds this is not the case.

For the new research, Shetty and team replicated the earlier study, but they used rats instead of mice. This is because the neuronal function of rats more closely resembles that of humans.

“This is pretty clear evidence that exercise greatly increases neurogenesis in the hippocampus, which has functional implications,” says first author Maheedhar Kodali, Ph.D., of the Institute for Regenerative Medicine at Texas A&M. “Neurogenesis is important for maintaining normal mood function, as well as for learning and creating new memories.”

The researchers then placed both groups of rats back in the water maze, in order to test whether they could remember how to navigate it.

The team found that the memory recall of the exercising rats was comparable with that of sedentary rats, suggesting that exercise has no detrimental effect on memory. This effect was the same for moderate and brisk runners.

The authors say their findings contradict those of the 2014 study, and they should come as welcome news for individuals who believed their morning run might have negative outcomes for memory.

Ph.D Ashok K. Shetty said that”Exercise is not at all harmful. It doesn’t cause any memory problems, and there are many studies proving its benefits for making new memories and maintaining good mood. Now, our study showed that exercise does not interfere with memory recall ability. Keep exercising, and don’t worry about losing your old memories.”