Altaf takes back decision to resign as MQM chief

KARACHI: Within a span of a few hours, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain withdrew his earlier decision to sever ties with the party on Monday.

5518b6f72ae89The MQM chief had tendered his resignation to party leadership on Monday morning, saying he was not able to bear the burden of leading the party any longer.

He had asked the party lawmakers to elect a new party chief by evening, drawing cries of disapproval from party activists.

Altaf’s resignation had drawn emotional pleas and chants from MQM workers who urged him to take back his decision.

The MQM leader had made the announcement during a telephonic address to party leaders at MQM’s Nine-Zero headquarters.

“I will not be leading MQM from now on,” the MQM chief said.

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He also asked the party leaders to dissolve the MQM completely and devote themselves to charitable services.

“You can lead the party from now on, my best wishes are with you,” Altaf told the MQM activists.

Altaf said he had been abused frequently on television talk shows but that he will not hear such words any longer since he is dissociating himself from MQM. He further said whoever attempts to use foul language against him will use it against the whole nation.

The MQM supremo was also highly critical of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf chief Imran Khan and categorically denied all allegations Imran Khan has directed towards him.

Altaf said Imran ridiculed him when he cried on the murder of MQM politician Dr Imran Farooq.

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The MQM chief said Imran had promised during his sit-ins against the government to not go home until ‘change’ has been brought, however his revolution and containers both vanished after he got married.

Altaf said the PTI chief had called him the murderer of TV reporter Wali Khan Babar but that he had not even heard about Babar prior to his murder. He said he only “found out Babar was a TV reporter after he got killed”.

He also addressed Imran’s criticism of the length of his telephonic addresses. The MQM supremo said Imran is irked by his two-hour long speeches but he should answer why media gave such extensive coverage to his protracted sit-ins.

The MQM chief said Imran accuses him being a “coward” for living in a foreign country.

“I have been living in exile for past 25 years only for the sake of party workers,” he said.

Altaf also warned that if an attempt was made to tamper the results of coming by-election in NA-246 — Karachi’s Azizabad constituency which is also regarded as a bastion of the MQM — the consequences will not be pleasant and democracy may see its end.

The PTI, which is preparing to stand in the by-polls for NA-246, has expressed optimism that it will “win by a large margin”.

He further said it was a matter of shame that MQM activists and leadership did not take notice of the foul language aimed at him until he pointed it out.

Altaf’s resignation drew cries of disapproval from party leaders who urged the supremo to give them “one more chance” .

When Altaf appeared determined to stick to his decision to resign as MQM chief, MQM MNAs announced their resignation from the assembly.

He also addressed Pakistan’s decision to support Saudi Arabia and its allies in their military offensive against Houthi militia in Yemen saying that Pakistan has fought five wars till the present, but no one ever offered to help Pakistan.