Criminals’ rules Police seems in deep slumber

There is no lull in miseries of the residents and traders living in twin cities of Taxila and Wah as Police in deep slumber in the area where dacoities and robbers on rampage in the area unabated.
741439-robbery-1406411950-165-640x480Virtually, the historic city has become a safe haven for the gangsters and robbers, who are striking brazenly and with impunity in every nook and corner of the town. Armed robberies have become order of the day which is evident from the fact that dacoits strike daily in various parts of the city in which they deprived of masses from cash, gold ornaments and other valuables worth millions of rupees while Police seems in deep slumber. There is no respite in commercial robberies and dacoities in different localities of Taxila and Wah Saddar area bandits are up in to arms against masses unabated.
In Taxila, a gang of armed bandits while tightening watchman him with ropes broke the locks of as many as eight shops in Sheikh market mainly of vehicles spare parts at main bus stand on night between Sunday and Monday. Later fled away from the scene successfully after sweeping these shops in over five hours looting spree. The bandits also subject the watchmen Noor Ellahi with serve torture when he resisted. In the morning when the traders came to their shops, they set free the watchman who was later shifted to district headquarters hospital for treatment. In second incident, armed bandits DACOITIESlooted house of Abdul Rehman on gun point and fled away successfully with looted booty including cash, gold ornaments, lap top and cell phones. In same police station limits armed dacoits strike at a jewelry shop of Asfhan Khan located in Losar Sharfoo area in limits of Wah Saddar Police station and fled away with gold ornaments with millions of rupees. In same police station limits, three young Afghan men posing themselves as customers reached at a grocery shop in Satellite Town area and on pistol point snatched cash and other valuables and fled away successfully.
Meanwhile, In Taxila police station a Suzuki van bearing number (LEB-1035) of Mohammad Akmal was stolen by unknown thieves from Sarai Khola area. While in a street crime incident in Wah Cantonment police station limits three men equipped with pistols snatched motorcycle and cash from Arsalan Mazahar and fled away while a Suzuki van (bearing number IDM-6603) of Kosar Ali was stolen from Lalarukh area in same police station limits.
Different bodies and unions of traders have expressed their concern over the sorry state of affairs and called upon RPO and CPO Rawalpindi to take stock of the issue and take action against the concerned cops who deliberately failed to protect the lives and property of masses in their respective jurisdiction.